My Face Painters Rule book

This year marks my 15th year as a face painter. I can’t believe it’s been 15 years, and I couldn’t be more grateful for this amazing art form. Face painting has opened doors, allowed me to travel the world, meet great people, and live by the phrase “life’s a party”. I’m literally at a party every weekend.

The Face Painters Rule BookOver the years I have had my ups and downs and have learned valuable lessons. So every time I experience a troubling event or situation I create an entry in my rule book and troubleshoot about how to fix it. Luckily, in 15 years I have only filled 2-3 pages in my rule book. So I wanted to share with you my rules that I list in my contract when I am booking a gig. These face painting rules have helped me deflect problems and keep me safe.

Hopefully they can help you or guide you to creating your own rule book. Some of these rules apply to public or free events, where I seem to have the most problems with line control and waiting.

  1. Creating a memorable face painting experience is my ultimate goal. If for any reason parents or kids begin to fight or create a violent atmosphere in my face painting line, I will close the line and will no longer paint. I reserve the right to cease face painting and leave the event without a refund if violence erupts. For events expecting long lines, please arrange for a volunteer to help with crowd control and ending the line.
  2. My goal is to make your event as amazing as possible. To avoid interruption to the flow of the event please have payment ready upon arrival. Unless you prearranged payment on net terms.
  3. Face Paint works best in a cool dry area, if possible please reserve a space in the shade so that your painter and your guests are most comfortable. If your event location has limited shade please let me know so that I can arrange to bring a tent or umbrella.
  4. On average I can paint 10-15 full fantastic faces in one hour. In some cases I may have events before or after your event and may not be able to stay. Please book enough time so that I can make sure everyone leaves happy and painted.

Of course there are more face painting related rules I’d like to include such as;

  • I won’t force anyone to get painted. The person in the chair gets to choose their face painting design (not you, annoying parent).
  • If your children puts their fingers in my paint I can chop them off and serve them as finger food.
  • No, I can’t paint 2 faces at once, but I reserve the really sarcastic answers for my alone time.

Sometimes we leave events pissed and feeling upset. Rather than letting it upset your entire day, the best thing you can do is work on the solution of how not to let it happen again. By listing my rules on my contract, I protect myself from feeling guilty and staying later because the planner didn’t book enough time. I stick to my guns about not letting people fight in my line, painting in the direct sun, and ruining my supplies.

Make your rules, set your boundaries, and you will see how much smoother your events will be. I’d love to hear some of your face painter rules. Share them with us and together we can paint perfect parties.

-Heather xoxoxo

Happy Feet | Taking Care of Your Feet

When I first began face painting I would sit and paint the kids. They would either sit on another chair in front of me or stand. Sitting not only hurt my buns but I also started getting a hunch back from hovering over the kids. Then one day someone introduced me to the director’s chair. It was heaven, I no longer painted as Quasimodo and I felt better on the job. Soon after training myself to paint standing up, I realized my back wasn’t hurting as much but my feet started to scream for HELP!

So I invested in 2 crucial items; a pair of crocs and a gel mat. I had been on the “I hate crocs” bandwagon for a long time but after receiving them as a gift, wearing them, and LOVING them for long jobs I invested in another pair.[clear]Crocs

Crocs come in several styles, and really bright colors. Crocs are excellent for face painters. [clear]Anti Fatigue Mat

The other thing I invested in is a gel mat. Gel mats are used in barbershops, kitchens, and they are also known as anti fatigue mats. Sometimes it can be a pain to bring with me, but when I am doing a long gig, I will haul it. The gel mat creates a cushion beneath my crocs and it really adds support on my back.[clear]

I love my director’s chair, but I find that parents expect me to lift their children into my chair. The lifting of the kids along with the long hours of standing can really hurt your back, so having a gel mat and good shoes can be a life saver.

Black Sequin Shoes

On a final note, if you are not the crocs type of person, I found some really super cool, sequin sneakers that not only look professional with my bedazzled Face Artist shirts, but they are comfortable too. I added a gel insert from Dr Scholls and now I can paint all day and feel good after the job ends. [clear]

Happy Painting!

-Silly Heather