The Luck of Our Brush! St Patrick Day Inspiration Blog

by Heather Green

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March is usually the beginning of the painting season. As Spring approaches, the novelty of outdoor parties and festival events increases. 2 major celebrations that take place in and around March are St Patrick’s Day and Easter.  Both of these holidays are great events for face painters because they are all about festive fun!

This blog was put together to give you some St Patrick’s Inspiration and get you motivated to paint your way to success. One suggestion to help you maximize your Holiday bookings is to prepare yourself with a themed display card. In the past I made a simple picture collage on Microsoft word, laminated it and brought it along to my event. It gave me a chance to offer themed face painting visual examples and the clients loved it and it made for great pictures.

If you are running short on time or do not have access to take pics for a display you are welcome to use my pictures for a board.  Simply right click and save them. Voila!

Pink Power Clover Stencil

Another super helpful tip for fast festive faces is using stencils. 10 years ago I created Pink Power stencils to speed up face painting designs I hated to freehand draw. I had the Pink Power stencils cut in several designs such as fairies, unicorns, and all the Holidays. I LOVE the Easter and St Patrick’s stencils because they allow me to speed up the bunny and clover, giving me extra time  to spend on swirls, curls, glitter and embellishments.


Here are some links to cool St Patricks Supplies to make your jobs faster and smoother :

Get Supplies Here

Without further delay here are some of my favorite St Patricks Inspiration to brighten your day and motivate your brushes.




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eder elaborate

sweetart kim van neuwal

The awesomely talented Pashur painted this sparkly green delight on his beautiful wife Jennifer.

painted peacock

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Jennifer Sekella


abby 1


Barbara (1)

@PaintMeGreen (4)

If you are looking for video tutorials with St Patricks Inspirations here are a few too!

Heather’s St Patty’s Playlist

Ashlea Hensen’s St Patricks Princess 

Face Painting Shop UK Easy Tutorial 

Ulianka’s Easy Rainbow and Pot of Gold

Quickie Stencil Design 

FABAtv Classes always inspire


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