Easter Inspiration!

Easter Inspiration

by Heather Green

As the temperatures start rising and the flowers start blooming face painting gets busier. For many the Easter/ Purim season kicks off our busiest time of year. Last weekend alone I did 5 events and the number one requested faces were Bunnies! So I decided to compile all my favorite Easter Inspiration into a blog post to inspire you just in time for Easter weekend.

Easter Throwback

One product that has saved my life during super busy events has been the rainbow cakes and pink power stencils. As I was searching through my Easter Inspiration folders I remembered this video I made a couple years ago combining rainbow cakes and stencils. The stencils are super helpful  because you can create a fast design without compromising the end result. If you want to laugh and learn take a look at this throwback video of me painting Lia using stencils and rainbow cakes.

Olga Murasev continues to make my inspiration list. You have to LOVE her beautiful style. And she has been rocking out on her Youtube channel. Even though this design was inspired by Zootopia its Bunny-licious and can be changed to a white bunny with Easter eggs and turned into the cutest mask!



Even though I struggle with Cheek art I found these cute cheeks to be so awesome!

Joji and Rose face painting
Joji and Rose face painting


altr image

Mirae Page

Abby Ascencio has been running a 30 day challenge #PrettyColorfulChallenge and the art work has been so much fun to see on our timeline. As she leads the charge her faces are totally inspiring.

12821626_1056058404465642_135479873068876070_n 1898865_1056055621132587_6094527979350112112_o








Sally Ann Lynch inspires us daily
Sally Ann Lynch inspires us daily


Kristy O’Neil must love Easter because she has tons of beautifully colorful inspiration on her page. I have been rallying for her to join us on FABAtv and at the 2017 FABAIC!


ALEX (3)

The March live class on FABAtv with Marcela Bustamante was our most viewed class ever! Not only did she knock our socks off her bunny was just in time!

Marcela Bustamante on FABAtv!


Easter masquerade!!!! Who says masks are just just for Mardi gras? Here are some Easter masks that are sure to inspire.


by Shawna DerReal
by Shawna DeReal


Beautiful masks by Kimmie Nicole
Beautiful masks by Kimmie Nicole

Keri Macleod Duffy

If these cute bunnies don’t inspire you here’s some awesome videos to help you get through this weekend

Click Me to Watch
Click Me to Watch



Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 3.27.27 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 3.29.35 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 3.31.47 PM

Hope  this blog brings you lots of Inspiration for one of the busiest painting days.

Sending you all lots of Easter bunny love.

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