FABAIC is FULL of Creative Surprises! #tbt

by Marcela Murad, Co- Founder of the FABAIC


One of my favorite things to do at the FABAIC is to surprise people with special presentations. Whether it is a flash mob, a fashion show, a wedding, you name it- everything we have done in the past was to create experiences that no one in the room would soon forget.


One of the most memorable moments was “The Bodies Alive Show” where we gathered over 30 artists to paint bodies for the most amazing and entertaining variety show. Under the direction of Christopher Agostino and his wife Lorraine, with the help of models, the cast of the Nao Dance Company, assistant directors and sound and lighting specialists, we were able to bring to life a spectacular body art performance.


Some of my favorite moments from that show was walking around the room designated for the artist to paint and feeling the enthusiasm and energy that permeated the room. Everyone was in a collective creative high that was contagious. For the Nao Dance Company it was their first experience of performing in body paint. Their smiles on their faces makes me believe that they never will forget this day and neither will the artists who painted them .


Christopher and Lorraine wrote the script and assigned each artist a job. They also supervised the execution of each design and cheered and encouraged everyone involved along the way. This could have never been possible without their passion to do this and to do it right. Kryolan donated all of the paint and I am forever grateful.


My favorite part of the show was the dancing piece to Italian music. Jinny painted my funny friends Magic Mike (Michael Dardant) and Joe Barney and I laughed till I cried! The best part of all was the long standing ovation and seeing the joy in the faces of everyone that made it happen. Once again, kudos and thank you’s to Christopher, Lorraine, their staff, the artists, models, the Nao Dance Troupe  and all of the attendees that made this dream possible!


We have so many wonderful surprises in the works for 2017! Don’t forget to register on fabaic.com to reserve your spot and be entered in raffle contests all the way up until the convention. If you have any questions or would like to share your favorite FABAIC memory with me, please email me directly at marcela@fabaic.com 😀

Marcela Murad

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