Coming to a City Near You! Face Painting Workshops Around the Globe

by Silly Heather

Coming to a City Near You

The wide world of face and body art is expanding in every direction. When I first started this journey 16 years ago the only classes and workshops were clown conventions. If you wanted to learn to face paint you needed to join the WCA ,COAI, or hunt down Marcela “Mama Clown“. Now there are workshops, jams, guilds and 24/7 FABAtv to keep you motivated and inspired.

12 years ago when I took over Silly Farm, I went on the road 2-3 times a month. I jumped at every opportunity to travel, teach and meet fellow painters. Fast forward a couple years and life kicked in. I became a wife, mother <3 and my business needed more of my attention. So the days of traveling every week became impossible.

My  love of teaching is what propelled me to start FABAtv. If you don’t know about FABAtv, it is an online learning platform decimated to elevating and educating in the field of face and body art. We currently have over 300 classes and with FABAtv you get the best seat in the house to the BEST learning on the planet.


So after you watch all the amazing classes on FABAtv and you fall in love with each instructor there are lots of ways to meet them in person because chances are they are doing to a city near you!

I have several workshops planned and I CAN NOT wait to meet many of you and see you again. The best part of traveling is being able to paint along side you, answer questions and get to know you. Below is my schedule I invite you to come and celebrate paint fun with me.

Sarnia, Ontario Canada Hosted by the Magic Mirror 7/14-7/15


I am so excited to be heading to my newest Canadian partner The Magic Mirror in Sarnia. I teamed up with the Emilie and Cat to bring our Silly Farm products like FAB make up, Paint pal brushes and sponges, mama clown glitter, rainbow cakes and more to Canada with faster shipping, less duties, and readily available. So we decided to have an open house and paint jam on July 14 from 6-9pm followed by a full day workshop July 15 from 10-4 pm. The jam is free to attend and I invite each of you to come and test new products, meet me and Emilie, and paint with me. If you really love me you can sign up for my workshop July 15 and spend the whole day learning, painting and elevating your skills.

Essex, UK 8/15,8/16, 8/17 hosted by


Its been quite some time since I have visited England. I am so excited my great friend Nathalie Farmer of the will be hosting my workshops. I am teaching two different workshops one is called Boys Only where we will cover fun-tastic designs that are sure to please even the pickiest dudes. Then will we swap the spiders for sparkle and focus on all things rainbow, bling, and crowd pleasing. My workshops are great for all levels of painter and I am a very hands on teacher. I look forward to seeing my lovely friends again and hopefully someone will gift wrap David Beckham for me and invite him to be a body painting model. :)

BayFABA San Francisco, CA Sept 4-7












In 2015 I had the pleasure of attending BayFABA hosted by Claudia Adelman and held in San Fran, CA. It was such a great event and I can’t wait to return this year. There will be lots of jamming, painting, learning, shopping and over the top fun.

Costa Rica Sept 29-Oct 1


Pura VIDA!

Its hard not to get excited about a convention in Costa Rica! Join me and lots of other awesome instructors for Bopca. I can not wait to meet new friends, paint and enjoy the the delicious food!

IAAPA Nov 15-18


Its been a dream and goal of mine to be an exhibitor at IAAPA and this year the Silly team is going full steam. If you do not know about IAAPA make sure to check out their site and see why I am so excited :)

I have a pretty full schedule but if you want a class in your area reach out me and Lisa (my education director) and let us know.

I am lucky because I know some pretty awesome artists and they have great schedules too. Here are some other great classes and workshops that might be hitting a city near you.

Marcela Mama Clown in Virginia


Everything I know about color, painting, and the love of art I learned from Marcela Murad. She is the best teacher I know and so much fun to hang around. She is heading to Virginia next week. If you have a chance take her workshop and check out the Art Factory its a double dose of fun!

Marcela Bustamante!!! In Argentina 

I have had the pleasure of knowing Marcela for a while, she is not just a great artists she is a fantastic teacher. My only wish is that I could be there in Argentina with her enjoying the beautiful country


marcela b

Georgette Pressler and Jay Bautista are taking their amazing character workshop on the road and making several stops. Make sure you check out their pages for all locations and booking info. I guarantee you are going to LOVE this workshop. They are two of the best teachers and artists around.


FABAIC 2017!!!! May 24-28 2017


If you are patient and want to save money for the biggest and best event on the planet then make plans for May 2017! Help us celebrate our 15th year anniversary. We are taking it back to our roots and hosting our grand event in Orlando, Fl. Its going to be our biggest and best convention yet. You can start your payment plan now and commit to joining us for the most colorful event on the planet.

Taking classes, watching and learning on FABAtv and attending conventions are great ways to stay enthusiastic, elevate your skill set, and meet other painters.

If you have a class, workshop or event you want me to include send it over I will add it right away.

Happy Painting

xoxoxo Heather


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