My Top 3 Favorite FABAIC Moments #tbt

by Marcela Murad, Co- Founder of the FABAIC

My Top 3 Favorite FABAIC Moments

In 15 years of FABAIC I have personally accumulated a lot of precious memories. As the self- proclaimed “Queen”, my friends like to surprise me with memories that I will never forget. Let me tell you about three of my all time favorites.

image1One year Yolanda Bartram, Kara Andrews, Lymari Millot, Rachael DeBoer and Z got together to choreograph the most fun rendition of Lady Marmalade to perform during a jam. They changed the words to reflect on my life and personality and blew everyone away with their incredible voice and amazing singing talents. I laughed until I cried. They of course got the biggest standing ovation! Thank you ladies…. You rocked my world!


A couple years later, I was on the stage during the banquet getting ready to present an award when my sister Sandra interrupted me. I thought she was being rude by  disrupting me to tell me she wanted to show me something. Then to my surprise a model, popped up on the stage bodypainted with a portrait of my clown character! One of my all time favorite artists, Athena Zhe, had painted him while I was not looking . The funniest part was that when he made a comment that he was not going to wash it off. Without thinking, I responded…”it’s okay…you can tell everyone you slept with me!” Not the best thing to say on stage to a room full of people, but we have to admit, it was funny! Thank you Athena. You are not only an awesome painter, an incredible artist and performer, super talented, and not to mention gorgeous- but also such a great person! I love you!


This one that really cracked me up because I had a feelings the boys were up to something. This was the year of “Bring on the Bling” when we encouraged people to come blinged out to the banquet. When I least expected it, my best buddy Leon “Santa” Mc Bryde, his son Adam, and Thom Ledford, the official FABAIC photographer, walked into the room dressed up like pimps! They had taken the logo of the convention and made huge jewelry with it and were wearing the most awful suits. But boy, they made me laugh. Next time you see Santa ask him about his other career.


I can’t wait to see what who will dare to surprise me in 2017. What I do know is that I’m planning on surprising all of you! Get ready!

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