New Year, New You? | The Power of Presentation

January is typically the slowest month for face painters besides the incredibly hot summer months. This is the best time to re-invent yourself and re-vamp your overall presentation.
When you buy a new dress or shirt, you feel brand new when you step out in it. The same principals apply to your business.
My favorite face painting table recently bit the dust after 12 years. I have searched long and hard for a table just like it but the manufacturer no longer makes them. The perfect table can make or break your face painting set up.

As I was browsing the local camping store I found an awesome replacement table from Bass Pro. It is light weight, compact, sturdy, and affordable.

Bass Pro Medium Folding Camp Table

My old table cover didn’t fit my new table so I decided to revamp my set up and invest in a new table cloth to complete my overall new look. So I went to Joanne fabrics and bought 2 yards of sparkly fabric and a piece of black vinyl and had a friend sew me a new table cloth. The total investment with the table, fabric and friends sewing fee was $98.

As I broke open my new table on January 1, I felt like a new me! As silly as it sounds, adding something new can re-energize you and give you a fresh start. Investing in your business should be a top priority, the more you put in the more you get out. Laws to live by.

The folding table can be purchased at Bass Pro Shop, via:

The folding face painters chair can be purchased at Silly Farm, via:

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  1. Heather- Great Job! You all are so creative, and so supportive of all us painters.
    Thank-you for all you do. And I needed a new table, too, so appreciate the info.

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