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If you are like me then you can’t do a job without baby wipes. Baby wipes are an essential part of my kit because they let me clean my hands, clean my paints, and wipe down a child if they have cotton candy and cheetos stuck on their face.

Baby Wipes

Wasting Money
After spending about $60 in baby wipes one month I realized I was doing something wrong. I have always left my baby wipes on my face painting table so they were easily accessible to me. BIG mistake! I started noticing that parents and kids help themselves to my baby wipes to clean their hands, their faces, eat pizza, and wipe down their strollers.  I never mind helping someone if they need a wipe and they don’t have anything else, but when I become the baby wipe dispenser and I noticed the difference in my wallet, I realized I needed to create a better set up.

That weekend I decided to revamp my set up, to not include my baby wipes on the table, and create a space that was conducive, inviting, professional and practical. I invested in a large bottle of hand sanitizer, bedazzled my mirror, and combined a few colors in my kit to make my space more presentable. The results were amazing.

My new space consists of my face painting kit, my business card holder, my large bottle of hand sanitizer and my brush bin with brushes. I made a pretty sign that I taped to the front of my hand sanitizer that says Clean is Cool! Help yourself to hand sanitizer and spread the words not the germs. I believe that when parents see the hand sanitizer they feel comfortable with me because they know that practicing good hygiene is a priority and that I care about the health of others. And I am also saving lots of money on my baby wipes supply. Win win! Happy Painting.

-Silly Heather

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  1. How did hand sanitizer and a new set up solve your baby wipe swiper problem? So you changed your set up to be more presentable, but you fail to mention how doing this solves the baby wipe problem. Did you start hiding them? Stop using them altogether? This article is unresolved.

    1. The article title is hide your baby wipes, but i didn’t realize it wasn’t mentioned in the actual article reading. I have added it to the article to clarify it. Thank you for bringing it up Kara.

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