Color Sells Smiles for Miles

When I arrive at a face painting gig, I open my kit and the kids usually go crazy. I have a mile long line before I even open my chair. I immediately hear the chatter about wanting “that” on their face. The “that” they are referring to are my Silly Farm Rainbow Cakes. Face painting has been around for a LONG time. Kids have seen your typical face painting kit and although they are still excited to get painted, you’d be surprised how the sight of rainbow cakes can draw in a crowd. Especially when the colors are intense, brilliant, and funky.
[one_half]rainbow cake design [/one_half] [one_half last=last] Rainbow cake design[/one_half]

By adding one rainbow cake to your kit,  you are almost guaranteed to elevate your business and wow the crowd. Rainbow cakes are a face painter’s best friend because they take the headache and stress out of laying down and blending multiple colors. With one swipe of your sponge you can create a remarkable fantasy face that will blow away your customers. You will not only look like you can create magic with your sponge, you also will have parents asking how did you do that! The reason you want parents involved in your face painting is because they are the ones that pay the bill and can give you the residual business.

Rainbow cakes are a great investment because you can create fast impressive faces, adds loads of color to your kit, and impress the pants off your clients without having to spend a fortune. Rainbow cakes range in price from $10-$20 and currently there are over 150 different color combinations to choose from. Try one and you can thank me later.

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