What Can You Learn This Month on FABAtv?

By Heather Green Your Paint Pal

Each month we release new classes on FABAtv. We understand that artists need to be  creatively inspired, which is why we make sure to create a new class list each month that has something for everyone. Our goal is to keep you motivated and enthusiastic about learning and investing in your craft.

This month (July 2015) we have a great variety of new classes. Whether you want to challenge your color palette and try new combos, or want to learn about adding another revenue stream to your business, we got you covered :)

If you are still living under a rock and aren’t sure what FABAtv is or how it can benefit you, here’s a short intro and summary. FABAtv is the world’s largest online classroom dedicated to everything face and body art. FABAtv lets you learn at your own pace, on your own schedule anytime, anywhere. Each month we release new classes so that you never get bored and always have fresh new creative inspiration. FABAtv features the world’s best instructors, and chances are, if you have a  favorite artists they are a teacher on FABAtv. (Check out our amazing line up of instructors here)

So now that you know what FABAtv is all about, here’s a breakdown of the new awesomeness that you can learn on FABAtv right now. 

Business of Balloons by James Changefield

I have been face painting in S. Fla for over 16 years and I grew up watching James Changefield wow the crowds with his balloons and Childrens entertaining skills. 16 years later he is still one of the most sought after artists. James knows balloons and he knows the business side of our industry. 11058185_10153049144945017_5430064352188954767_nSo I recruited him to help many of you on your 7 streams of income journey. I have spoken about the 7 streams before and I am on a mission to help many of you become millionaires. This is a great class on how to generate sales and boost bookings- these techniques can be applied to face painting as well! We all want to increase business, take some advice from a pro and check out James Changefield- NEW this month. 

Fun with Color by Margi Kanter

Some artists inspire you with their fine art ability, others shine bright with their fun loving personalities.

Margi knows how to take color to the next level this class is amazing!
Margi knows how to take color to the next level this class is amazing!

Margi is the best of both worlds. Margi is well known for her Nose Art, but in this new class, she takes her skills to another level with extreme color! Margi is a fun, energetic teacher and I loved this class because  I struggle with adding new colors and lines to my art, and she inspired me to boost my color, try some new lines, and create some beautiful and colorful designs. Regardless of the fact that I have been painting for over 16 years, I am always on a mission to learn. And you will definetly learn in this fun class.



Smoking Hot Dragons Part 2 by Nick Wolfe


One of my first official face painting courses was with Nick and Brian Wolfe. And while I will always credit Marcela as my first teacher, I believe Nick and Brian made me fall in love with face painting. I had never seen face painting on that level and never imagined anyone could paint that great! 10 years later I still Thefeel the same way. Nick is still creating jaw dropping designs and still one of the best teachers in the world. I used to think that I will never paint as good as Nick and Brian, and that is still true, but what I learn from them every time I take a class with them is little tips and tricks that help me make my painting pop and take it to the next level. If your dragons look more like seals, then this class is for you! And while you are taking this class make sure to check out Nick’s entire channel and make sure you have popcorn next to you because you will be hooked.



Tattoo Pro Part 2 by Wiser


I have been airbrushing for about 8 years. And while I love my airbrush system, I can’t lie sometimes I get bored doing tattoos because the stencils are a little mundane. A little under a year ago Wiser introduced Tattoo Pro stencils into the FAB world, and totally changed the game. The Tattoo Pro stencils are a freehand stencil IMG_3363system that allows you to create the MOST AMAZING tattoos. They are a face painters dream come true because they make you feel as creative as you do when you are painting with a brush and sponge. At first glance I was intimidated because they look so impressive and detailed, but once you see them in action and realize how easy they are- you are mind blown. I love these stencils so much I did a review on our Paint Pal Youtube channel (Please Subscribe) and begged Wiser to do a Part 2 to his live class Tattoo pro part 1. In this awesome class Wiser shows you how to add color, shade, and combine different sets to create masterpieces. If you have ever seen Wiser in action, or taken a class with him, then you know what a great teacher he is so you will def want to check out his channel and watch every class!


Mix it Up- Jocelyn Casdorph

Last but definitely not least- I have been stalking this artist for quite some time. I have been in love with her style and art and wouldn’t sleep until I got her on FABAtv. While chatting with her I found out so Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 11.56.12 PMmany amazing details about her that most will never know. Mainly because she is so sweet, and quite about her awesomeness. Jocelyn Casdorph, is a seasoned painter. As a former trainer for the Enjoy Your Face painters, Jocelyn traveled around the world to train staff in Japan, and throughout the numerous theme parks. Jocelyn designed many of of the display boards and menus you see at Universal and Disney and many of the faces in the Creative Face Painting book. Besides being a phenomenal painter, Jocelyn is an even better teacher. When I premiered her first class on FABAtv, some people didn’t think it would be as amazing as it was. It was so great I had to have her back to host a live class. And boy was it a hit! I have seen so many amazing recreations of her designs from the 13th in my newsfeed.

Not only was this our MOST viewed live class ever, it was also a turning point on FABAtv because I feel11745484_923380221055591_139427840798869495_nlike I broke Jocelyn out of her shell. In this class Jocelyn shares her techniques that really take your painting from good to beyond amazing. From her little details, to her layering effect, the class is the gem of FABAtv. While Jocelyn was here in the FABAtv studio we asked her to film a Holiday class, and I can not wait for you all to see it! Jocelyn is a treasure and I am so excited that we lit a fire under her butt to get out there and shine. So, make sure to not just re watch her live class, watch all the classes on her channel and be prepared to drool a little she is THAT great!


I hope you enjoyed the break down of all the new eye candy you can enjoy this month of FABAtv. As a subscriber you will have access to all 300 classes, anytime of the day anywhere you have internet connection. If you are wondering about the price, for as little at $29.00 a month (no contract, no obligation) you can have unlimited access. That’s less than $0.10 per class! I invite you to log on and invest in yourself and enjoy the new classes that just premiered. Whether you are a beginner or advanced FABAtv is your secret weapon on your journey to be the best! <3

Happy Painting friends

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