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As the owner of a face and body art supply company, I get to “play” with a lot of products. Many times companies send me first previews and ask for my feedback. The hardest part is when I do not particularly like a product. I remember receiving a box of face painting crayons and thinking oh boy how do I tell the manufacturer that they suck! It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it. I make it a point not to sell anything I don’t believe in at Silly Farm because ultimately I have to answer to our customers and I hate disappointing anyone. So I test all the products before I carry them just to make sure they are a good fit.

Artwork by Teresa Rust
Artwork by Teresa Rust

Our own ideas are usually THE BEST ideas, and sometimes our ideas fail because we do not ask for proper feedback. I also have shied away from doing reviews on products because I simply dont have time to review things I may not like. So I decided to review and make video tutorials for Paint Pal to showcase the products I love and that are making waves on the net.  My hope is that I can answer some questions, help you make good purchasing decisions, and save you money over the long run.

Artwork by Rita Marie Garza
Artwork by Rita Marie Garza

I am fortunate because  get to spend a lot of time with artists and watch them develop over the years. I remember being introduced to Wiser by Mark Reid, as a cool amazing graffiti artist. At that time he wasn’t airbrushing, and he was just getting into painting on skin. He quickly became known as the Graffiti madness king of body art. But over the years I am so happy to see his real talents shinning through. Wiser, was so much more than a graffiti artists, he taught art to the youth and was an incredibly skilled fine artist. If you peak through his portfolio he will blow you away. After his show Naked Vegas blew up, so did his Airbrush skills and it lead him to create the Tattoo pro Series collection of Airbrush stencils. When he called me about them before they were released I was so eager to see them, but as he explained them I felt a bit lost.

Then he came to film for FABAtv and I got to see them first hand. I have to admit at first glance I was overwhelmed and a bit intimidated because I hadn’t seen them in action. I have been airbrushing on people and tattoos for 8 years but these stencils were new and seemed a bit complex. But as Wiser rocked one by one my eyes lit up. Over the next couple weeks Wiser started his Facebook forum for tattoo pros and the threads were buzzing. So many great designs were being created with these stencils, I couldn’t hold off any more. So on 4th of July I broke out my set and it literally changed my whole Airbrushing game.

Artwork by Angie Buchanan
Artwork by Angie Buchanan

I have been airbrushing at the same beach club for 10 years, I can imagine the kids were getting a little tired of the same old stencils. So when I started rocking my Tattoo pros I had a line around the corner and the event planner came up to me and flipped. She booked me on the spot for 2 more events just because she was fascinated by the designs and sleeves I was doing.  The Tattoo pro stencils got me excited and enthusiastic about doing airbrush tattoos all over again. I have to admit I was losing my interest for them because they were getting boring. So as I played with the stencils I was not only impressing my clients, but I was so amazed at how easy they were and how impressive they really looked.

If you are like me and were slightly intimidated at first glance, I made a review and tutorial on our NEW Paint Pal Youtube channel to walk you through a basic design and how to use them. You can watch and learn here . I started this new Youtube channel to be able to have a place where my talented friends and experts ^886E480CE005D40C2A379746EF650FE7D20C94381877C0B4E0^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrcan share their reviews, tutorials and more than just face painting  that you would see on my Silly Heather B channel.  So please make sure to subscribe to our new channel so you can enjoy free learning and sharing.

We have lots of cool tips and tricks coming up on our channel to help you get Halloween ready and helpful info you can use! And feedback is so appreciated so don’t forget to drop us a line or let us know what products you’d like to see in action.

Back to my Fan favorite and pick on the month. Tattoo pro stencils! In my honest opinion if you are just getting started with an airbrush then these stencils are the perfect fit because they are the ONLY stencils I have ever used that look good in just black. I have a display board of over 300 stencils and none of them are too impressive in just one color, but the Tattoo pros are. So if you are just starting off with one gun then the Tattoo pros are a good place to  start because you can accomplish really cool tattoos and get your practice on. If you have questions or are still a little on the fence after you watch the video, the best part is Wiser and the Silly team are always happy to help or answer questions. Its nice to know that you aren’t alone out there in the world of buying supplies. We are truly committed to helping you save money and make good buys.

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and review of the new Tattoo pros. The 2nd collection was just released and its the I love all of them especially the new butterflies! If you want to learn more or if you are blown away like I was with Wiser make sure to check out his channel on FABAtv and start pimping your airbrush skills :)



Hope this tutorial helps and motivates you to pick up an airbrush. I truly appreciate the love and support you all have shown the blog, so make sure to stay connected, leave feedback and subscribe to my new Paint Pal channel so you don’t miss a thing <3 < 3

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