The Eyes Don’t Lie

5 Reasons why eye designs rock!

Artwork by Ronnie Mena

When I started face painting I offered three designs, a princess, butterfly and tiger. I avoided painting teens and adults  by all means because I was nervous. Most painters fear and struggle with boy designs, but I was most afraid of a teen girl asking me to wash off my design because it stunk. Fast forward 15 years, I am always looking to paint teens and older kids. I love the challenge and the fact I can usually cut loose and be my most creative. Little kid have expectations about what a princess will look like and how a spider man face will turn out, but adults usually enjoy the surprise element.

The eye designs have been my go to design for adults. The cool part about eye designs is that there are no rules. If the model is wearing eye make up you can start from the temple and frame the eye. If the customer has bangs you can start the design slightly under the eye and still rock it out. And the eye design        also works great with males because of the famous tribal eye design tattooed on Mike Tysons face.


Recently while face painting at a public event a group of 15 older teens were strolling by and asked me to paint their faces. I always paint my own face on the job with a cute eye design, so naturally they saw my face and said “just paint a little something kinda like yours”. So I broke out my Arty Cakes and got creative. Not only was I able to paint all of them within 20 minutes each one was fun and unique.



Here are the top 5 reasons why Eye Designs Rock!IMG_0059

  1. Eye designs are great for all ages and genders
  2. Eye designs have no rules
  3. You can paint them fast and they will still look great
  4. You can incorporate any theme or style with ease
  5. Limited skills required, you can paint a star by the eye and it will please the tweens

So next time you are at an event and your nerves are stressing you out about painting adults, don’t fret just get creative with your tear drops and tribal lines and start creating fancy eyes. An added bonus to the eye design is that it photographs easy and looks great. Sometimes full on photos are hard to capture the right angle but the side eye shot is one of the best!

Artwork by Leonore Coppleman
Artwork by Leonore Coppleman

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Happy Painting

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