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Impulsive Inspiration….

Little known fact about me…. I hate flying. But it takes too long too swim to Holland or bike to NY so conquering my fear and spending the extra money for my flying partner Lisa is a considered part of the job.
During one flight to Buffalo I was sitting next to a super nice woman. We spoke about fear of flying and chatted about business and she was so intrigued about Silly Farm that she took my card. A month later she called me to say she was responsible for seeking out new products to air on a home shopping network. She said she immediately thought of me and wanted to have a meeting about product potential and logistics.

I immediately ran home and called everyone I knew with the news. Then I started shopping for the perfect outfit to make my TV debut. That evening I got an email from the same lady with a link to a book called Sell On TV. She advised me to read the book and to start my home work process. I stayed up all night reading the book and finally at 4 am my heart was crushed. I was so excited by the shiny brick of gold that I neglected to take it to a jeweler and make sure it wasn’t a piece of poop covered in glitter. I was embarrassed to call back those same people I bragged to and mad that I spent my rent money on a luxury outfit.

I honestly believe our minds are the most amazing, powerful tools on the planet. We can talk ourselves in and out of anything. We can make ourselves believe that smoking doesn’t cause cancer, we can self motivate ourselves to run a marathon for 26 miles in cold weather, and talk ourselves into a business idea that we believe to be SURE FIRE without any ground work or research. So in order for an idea to work, or to reach a goal we set there is more than just relying on our own stimulation, you have to consider the facts, invest in researching, and seek out other great minds and opinions.

As I read the book Sell On TV by Jon LaClare, the author and man behind the success of Pillow Pets, My Pet Rock, and a few other Tv successes explained that our ideas are usually great because they are our ideas. But if you want an idea to succeed to have to reach beyond your own personal cheerleader. Jon explained the importance of seeking outside advice, opinions, and hosting focus groups. He explained the need for capital, and that before you ever approach Tv you need to have a plan in place. I had a vision in place but not a plan and that’s where I was planning to fail.

As you delve deeper into your entrepreneurial journey where are you in terms of planning to succeed? Even if you are only painting part time you have to know what you want to accomplish or how will you know what you are working towards?

Here’s an example geared towards painters. You love painting on the weekends and the money is a nice bonus. You enjoy the extra income and would like to double business. How do you plan on doubling the business? Every morning you turn on your computer and scroll through Facebook and love all the pictures of Henna and airbrushing and think to yourself THAT’S IT! I’ll add airbrushing and henna to your services and book more parties. EVERYONE will hire you because you love Henna and tattoos and you practiced and you are good at it. So for sure it’s going to be a hit! So you go to and buy our best system. Invest $2,000 and your brand new system arrives and you have no clue what to do.

So the system sits in your garage for 6 months and instead of doubling your business you lost a couple months in profits because you aren’t airbrushing.
I am here to show and explain how to avoid that scenario. When a GREAT idea pops in your head, immediately tell 5 people. If you can get a clear vision expressed in 3 minutes to someone else then you are ready to start your engine. Then spend AT LEAST 24 hours researching the idea. If you want to start airbrushing search for current people offering that service in your area, watch some FABAtv classes on how to set up equipment and clean it, and seek out advice.

As artists I believe we are naturally passionate impulsive people. Great ideas colorfully pop into our minds and we take off running. I had to train myself to run the entrepreneurial marathon and by that I mean I had to start questioning my own ideas and facing the reality that not every idea I believed to be a winner was going to be.

Below is a VERY helpful tool given to me in my last class. It is called a lean business model. And basically anytime I have an idea and I mean ANY idea relating to business I run it through the model. To see how and if I can answer and have a plan in place to make sure the idea turns out to be effective. There is no right or wrong with this model , it just helps you plan out the idea and forces you to think from all angles.

lean 1

 Here is an example of my lean model for a business trip to China:

lean 2

Im not perfect, but Im close to it. Im just kidding. My goal is to help you make good entrepreneurial decisions, learn from my mistakes and help you be most profitable. I wish everyone a good weekend. Im sorry I have been lagging on my posts and videos but with FABAIC around the corner I am working day and night to make sure everything rocks.

I am hosting a LIVE Paint Me Green at FABAIC, along with classes on facepainting and the business of Airbrush t shirts. I cant wait to meet so many of you and thank you personally for the love and support.

Remember, I am your Paint Pal I am here to help so if you need help with this business model or want to run an idea by me Im your girl!

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