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by Heather Green

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Every season has a trend. Ever since Starbucks introduced the Unicorn Frappucino the world has gone Unicorn crazy! You can find magical unicorn horns at every tween shop, “unicorn” hair ( rainbow hair) has made a comeback, and the unicorn onesie is harder to find than a needle in a haystack. Its no surprise that the unicorn phenomena found its way to the face painting world.

The Unicorn design is no where near “new” but because Face painters are super duper crafty we have evolved this magical design and taken it to a new level. This blog was created to inspire, share, and be a keep sake for all things unicorn. The internet moves so fast and its easy to miss all the amazing art work that flows through our timelines. I do my best so save them all, repost them on our social media sites and now add them in stone to a blog page for others to share, report, pin and replicate. Remember, art isn’t made with our brushes, its made with our hearts. Every time you create magic on a child, or even an adult you are sharing the love of art. Keep that going and keep on sharing. If you have a unicorn design that you would like to include in this blog PLEASE email me at 

Without further delay here’s a collection of Unicorn Face Painting ideas, inspiration and total eye candy!

lodie up
Elodie of Lodie Up face painting is def someone you want to follow


Gio gg
Bling, Glitter and amazing face painting a true recipe for fabulous! Love GG’s face painting she is awesome!
Stephanie’s face painting is known for her amazing color. It works great with these beautiful unicorn crowns
flor moreno
We love the white outline on this unicorn. Sometimes when a dark color will over power the design , it shows that you have options
idz face painting by kez
Purple outline! Yes yes yes on this Unicorn mask buy Kez
Ewa Marcinkowska-Klos‎
What is better than a rainbow unicorn? Not sure because to us its everything!
donna cox uni
Not only is the face paint soooo cute the model takes it over the top. Great work by Donna Cox.
Mai Pak ohhhhhh she steals our heart with every single face painting design! Banana Gum face paint follow her!
victoria emma1
Sometimes a face inspires a design. In this case I am sure Victoria Emma was motivated by the beautiful model! Glittery fabulosity
sandra beckers unicorn
One strokes and Unicorns we say oh yay! Love this arm candy by Sandra
MAKE SURE you are following Fabulous faces by Kellie. Your eyes and inspiration board will thank me later! She is beyond talented.
JO jo
We have been the president of the Fizz Bubble fan club for a few years. If you follow her work you will understand why. Her colors, placement and inspiration is everything!
jackie vivid
We fell in love with her glitter ( Vivid Glitter) and then her face painting. Jacqui creator of Vivid Glitter knows how to rock the sparkles and rainbow unicorns too!
caroline robnertson
Cazzadoodle face pain ting knows the way to her customers hearts. Advertise Unicorns and its a hit!
To know her is to love everything she paints! Cameron Garret creator of amazing Arty, Rainbow cakes and brushes is our SHE-ro. Check out her channel on FABAtv you wont regret it!
Lisa Oakley
talk about eye candy!!! Ditzy Doodles Unicorn collage is OMGEEEEE LOVE
Wyndy olson
This stunning Unicorn crown reminds us of those awesome cakes you see on IG. Wow factory rocked her Unicorn crown and we love the floral spin.
susu salazar
Sparkly Unicorn yes!!!! Susy Salazar’s cheek version rocks
sara santos
Unicorn arm candy with a side of bling! Sara’s Paint party is creating smiles all over Doha
rose miranda
Rainbow Unicorn by Rose Miranda. Loving the purple hair and rianbow delight
arty faces lUZ
Luz sent us a box of Unicorn bling horns and OMGEEEEEEEE they have changed our lives. Her unicorn horn bling is amazing. I am not sure if she is selling them as of yet but write her and ask her because they are the BEST!
abyy boy corn
We can’t leave the dudes out! Unicorns aren’t just for girls. Abby’s Colorful creations shows us how to rock out Unicorns for the boys too!
100% of everything she paints is magical. This Unicorn is no exception. Olga has a popular Youtube channel and learning platform. Make sure you are keep up with her art. Its always an inspiration
prima uni
We love Prima! If you love her too come and learn from her at FABAIC 2019! She is bringing her talent and we cant wait to learn!
Nadine's UNICORN
OH Nadine what else can we say about her. Dreamy, magical and drool worthy. Some mornings we wake up and check her IG page first! Thank us later. @NadinesDream she also makes bling so find her on Etsy
This is what we call the ULTIMATE collaboration. Acaia Tanner and Manuela Cason team up to make these one of a kind BLING and then they let Marcela Bustamante go crazy with her creativity! All we can say is WOW!
michelle richards
Rainbow Unicorn with a side of sparkles. Makes our day!
kara wardell
Unicorn Magic! BY Little Fox all we can say is we love everything about this design and color choice!
Jane Francis Young
Practice Makes perfect especially when your own face is the perfect model! Jane Young took to her Sally Ann board and turned her design into living art.
fancy faces OZ
Swirly Curly Unicorn By Fancy Pants OZ is omgeee so beautiful from every angle
Blije Snoetjes gives us a double dose of inspiration with her Unicorn placement.
blije snoetes
More awesomeness from Blije
Tamina Funfaces wow’s us with a golden horn! LOVE the hair
Unicorn Crown with rainbow eyes we love love love everything she paints!
nury 3
Face paint as beautiful as the country is hails from. Our Costa Rican sister Nury Vargas mixes up the Unicorn and Butterfly wing and its a hit!
c flores
Talk about the complete package! Claudia Flores matches her headband to her awesome face painting design.
We got to see Lenore demo this design live at a NY jam and OH MY SQUIRRELS! talk about beeeeutiful! I mean who doesnt LOVE a rainbow unicorn? Check out Lenore’s channel on FABAtv trust me you will LOVEEEE everything she paints
amy grigg
Rainbows, flowers and piggytails! Amy Grigg knows how to bring the smiles. Loving this cute mash up of all the elements every little girl loves!
gloria choisel
Neon powered Uni! Looks awesome to us!
Rainbow Unicorn Mask by My Lumen Art. We LOVE everything she paints and can not wait to have her at FABAIC!
GG uni
Feeling only a little like a Unicorn.. GG’s face painting has a solution! Love this side eye Unicorn look
ronnie uni
Unicorn perfection is all we can say about Ronnie Mena’s Unicorn design. Pastely perfection yes yes yes
zoe how
Unicorn Step by Step courtesy of Zoe Howe rainbow beautiful!
@paintMeGreenuni (1)
When Manuela and Acaia gifted me this beautiful bling I HAD to make a video click on the picture to take you to the video
Ashley uncirn (1)
Sometimes you want a loving unicorn. Ashley Pickin knows all about that request. Add some hearts and VOILA!
Owl- Unicorn- Butterfly.. it all works! The creative genius Kerry Tobin is giving us Uni power!
Eva (7)
Who needs green eyes when you can paint them! Eva Wheeldon combines a beautiful unicorn and rainbows and we love!
Monseratt uni perfect (1)
The sweet smell of roses, Unicorns and perfect line work! Thats Monseratt Villalobos!
eder vazquez
A unicorn as happy as the face thats wearing it! Oh Eder we love you!
tami david
Rainbows and Unicorns the perefect combo by Tami David
Sue L (1)
This unicorn is one for the history books! Sue Lomolino out did herself with this beauty
Sheona Norfolk
Blingin’ Uni we love it! BY Sheona Norfolk
Vicky Osyounger
Tiger Rainbow Unicorn YES please! Vicky Younger gives us total inspiration!
teresa rust
Purple power! We love love love this cutie painted by Teresa Rust
Vanessa Cervantes
Talk about one stroke fabulous! Vanessa Cervantes is swirly curly one stroke unicorn dream come true!
What’s more beautiful than a rainbow Unicorn? a little bling too! Janice Harrison rocked this design
With Unicorn bling no need to even paint a head you can just BLING it! Chiara Grappiolo is super creative with her bling
The heart nose stole our heart! Tashia Bagwell gives us all sorts of Unicorn LOVE with this cutie
BrynnHappyin (1)
The face they make when you knock there socks off! Brynn Baze blew her models mind with this Unicorn
Love the placement of this beautiful Unicorn by Tamina Funfaces
Mixing in flowers, and pastel colors makes this design so fabulous! Alyson Harris
Love this unicorn by AmyLynn such a cute shape
Clair Sullivan is creating the cutest Unicorns I think she is also adding a video for this cute design
fanta z faces
Fanta Z Faces took her her Unicorn and turned it into a beautiful mask
jill lavarado
The eye is everything! Love the wing, eye and outline color of this beautiful design by Jill Alvarado
When you turn yourself in a Unicorn! Kate Monroe Groves is a real life masterpiece
Magical is all we can say! Kristy O’Neil puts her touch of Magic on everything she paints
Leanne Courtney
Leanne Courtney not only created the most awesomeness Funstroke Palette she is also an amazing painter! Rainbow Delight
lenore ice
Summer Unicorn by Lenore the Cheeky Chipmunk can we say LOVE!
A Unicorn as cute as the model by Mai Pak!
Rosa (1)
Rosey rainbow delight by Rosa Cline! Matching cuteness
OHhhh all we see is Stars! Beautiful delicate Unicorn delight by Fizzbubble
Cutness overload by Tanitra Jeter!
teresa mullin
Pony amazingness! Love this baby unicorn painted by Teresa Mulliin
wandie perez
LOVE the colors and the stars awesome by Wandie

V emma

HG unicorn
Unicorn cuties by Heather Green

MarcelaMurad SarahClawson TeresaRust

creative faces


Unicorn helpbyKatarzynaZielinska



Kristy O'NeilMFS


Some Unicorn Magic by Nancy Wu using her Elisa Griffith palette
Some Unicorn Magic by Nancy Wu using her Elisa Griffith palette
she's not just a great twister she is magical with her paint brush
she’s not just a great twister she is magical with her paint brush
Fly unicorn fly! Stella Bono took happy customer to a new level with this design
Fly unicorn fly! Stella Bono took happy customer to a new level with this design
Nicki Carroll Sparks Unicorn is where Lisa frank meets fabulous!
Nicki Carroll Sparks Unicorn is where Lisa frank meets fabulous!



Loving this over the eye unicorn with a rainbow like a cherry on top by Rita Jaramillo
Loving this over the eye unicorn with a rainbow like a cherry on top by Rita Jaramillo
sarah patterson 2
Sarah Paterson turned her model into a real life magical Unicorn!

amy grigg wow amy grigg uni zuzanna nowicka 111 tamina horsey lisette torress cope 1 marcelaMMC Lenroe cuties delaware face painting arah patterson1 suzy

As if the above pictures aren’t enough inspirations here’s a bunch of videos to help you create and design your own awesome Unicorn design


Here's a Tutorial just for you!
Here’s a Tutorial just for you!

Copy of wildsurf

Unicorn Design by Arjhay 

Easy Unicorn design using a stencil

Pegasus Unicorn mask by Lisa Joy Young

A Unicorn Design using Unicorn Bling! 

The WORLDS BEST Unicorn Class on FABAtv by Jocelyn Casdorph 

Unicorn Tutorial by Nancy Wu 

Rainbow Unicorn by Ariel Paints 

If you want to buy Unicorn Bling

Unicorn Horns and custom pieces by the thousands! Love Manuela
Unicorn Horns and custom pieces by the thousands! Love Manuela
handmade custom bling by Acacia of Fancuful Faces contact her to buy sheets OMG they are amazing
handmade custom bling by Acacia of Fancuful Faces contact her to buy sheets OMG they are amazing



Nadine’s Dream makes amazing bling too! 


There’s also a FULL facebook group all about bling making and there are LOTS of people selling horns and bling click here


I hope you enjoyed this blog of Unicorn Inspiration. Bookmark it on your desktop and save the link so that when you are in a jam and need inspiration this blog will save the day!

If you want to add a Unicorn design to this blog please email me at and Ill add your work right away!


happy Painting friend



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