Spotlight Artist: Georgette Pressler – Creative Cosplay on a Budget

Free FABAtv LIVE Class on Cosplay CostumesAs many of our readers know by now, hosts a LIVE class each month that is absolutely FREE to view! Septembers FABAtv LIVE class is being hosted by none other than the extraordinary Georgette Pressler! Georgette’s class will be titled, “Creative Cosplay on a Budget”, and it will be aired LIVE on Monday, Sept 16th starting at 8:00pm EST! Watch it on FABAtv LIVE!
Not only are we going to have a free class by Georgette, but she’s also the FABA Blogs Spotlight Artist of the month! Keep on reading for the exclusive interview as well as pictures of her amazing work! Georgette’s contact info is at the bottom of the interview for those wishing to send her inquiries.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself, where are you from?
A: My name is Georgette Pressler and I run Devious Body Art in West Palm Beach. I was born and raised in a little country corner of south Florida called Loxahatchee. My mom, younger brother and I moved when I was 9. We lived in some beautiful places, like San Antonio and New Orleans, eventually I found my way back to West Palm Beach to finish high school. I joined the Army shortly after school and lived in Tennessee during that time. I finished my 4 year duty 2 weeks before September 11, 2001. A couple months later, after having been relieved of emergency on call status, I came back to South Florida, again. Must be something in the water! I began college for my BFA in Secondary Art Education and studio art at Florida Atlantic University. I graduated FAU with a BFA in Conceptual Sculpture. During college, I learned about the amazing and almost secret world of the face and body paint community through some very friendly clowns that frequented the costume shop I was working in. My life and artistic path changed for me then.

Q: Are you an artist full time or do you have another job?
A: I am proud to say that after many years of working for others, I am a full time artist and have been for over 4 years! That doesn’t mean I’m rolling in the dough. No, far from it. I struggle like any other artist or business owner. When I make a business mistake, I feel it, but I would most definitely rather struggle, working hard at a business I love and call my own, than work ever again at a job I hate or in an uncreative environment. I have come to accept that my success will be my own doing and to take responsibility for my failures.

Q: What type of face and body art do you specialize in?
A: I’m not sure that I could call myself a specialist in any one area, though I do lean towards full body transformation and faux clothing. I enjoy costume making on the side and body paint has always give me an avenue to experiment with how a style would look on the human form. I started as a face painter when I was 14, but over the years strayed from that and focused on the body as a whole. So, I would say my specialty is in being able to adapt to client needs, whether they request face painting for a child’s party or full blown painted and costumed characters.

Q: How did you get your start(in face and body art)?
A: I got started in face painting quite by chance. I had always been an artist, ever since I was very young. I drew on everything! When I was 14, my mom’s company was having a picnic and the face painter cancelled. They had a $100 budget for 4 hours. I was going to be there anyway so that asked if I could face paint. They even bought me some “makeup” from the craft store. It was hot, mid July and miserable… and I loved it! As a young kid that had no desire to babysit, using my artistic skills to earn some cash blew my mind! I never had to babysit during high school and though I held a few restaurant and bartending jobs, I was always face painting.

Cyborg Body Paint by Georgette Pressler Cheetah Body Paint by Georgette PresslerGeorgette Pressler body painting a cheetah design






Q: What’s the most enjoyable part of what you do?
A: Of all the amazing clients and experiences I’ve had, I would say that my favorites have always been the baby bellies. I never charge too much for them (though some clients are exceptions) because the experience is so touching. I always have the deepest connection with mother and unborn child. Most of the moms-to-be leave the designs up to me with very little input. They call it Intuitive Design. I sit with them and talk and listen and feel. I make them comfortable and let them rest while I paint and interact with the baby. Their tiny hands or feet always seem to find and follow my brush. It’s magical and sacred. It’s unlike any painting I do for anyone else. It’s not ever about the money. It’s always about love.

Q: Do you attend any conventions, like the FABAIC?
A: I have attended the FABAIC since 2003, missing a few years here and there due to finances and scheduling. But it has always been one of my favorite conventions. I’ve made some lifelong friends through FABAIC. I have not had the pleasure of attending any other face and body paint conventions, though I do go to IMATS with Wolfe FX Makeup and I attend Dragoncon every year that I can. Dragoncon is more of a comic book and Sci-Fi convention, but I go for the chance to costume up!

Q: What would you like to do more of, art or otherwise?
A: I would love to be able to do more traveling with my art! I’d love to teach the different aspects of character creation and completing the package when it comes to body paint, and I’d love to do it all over the world! I’d also love to finish some of the many non-breathing art projects I’ve had at the shop lying around… but if it doesn’t move and breathe, I tend to lose interest fast.

Q: Outside of art, what do you do for fun?
A: Well, it’s hard to say what I do for fun outside of art, since art is my fun! I like to hike and walk the native Florida trails. I love getting lost in the swamp with a camera and binoculars. I’m a bone collector, so I often spend hours walking slowly through forgotten places. I love to find beauty in things others barely glance at or are repelled by. I’m starting to get more into photography and that may be my new passion, but costume design and creation is a close second. I also enjoy getting together with my friends and enjoying some live music and wine or just staying home with my boyfriend and my adorable Pit pup, Tuco.

Q: Do you have any pet peeves?
A: I have all sorts of pet peeves! The one pertaining to the face and body paint world would have to be this: Every time someone asks me what I do and I respond with “Body Painter” they retort “Oh, like Fantasy Fest! I’ve seen pictures of that!” UGHHH! NO, NOT LIKE FANTASY FEST!!! I think I’ll actually have that put on the back of my staff shirts for my studio this year, lol. I don’t appreciate the ignorance of outsiders to this amazing community, and it erks me to no end that any body painter is instantly lumped into the category of Fantasy Fest style. Not to say all artist at FF aren’t good, but the methodology there is turn and burn, get them in, get them out, and get the money. I don’t work like that and my artistic style shows it, but so many perspective clients don’t take the time to research artists or even the artist they’re wanting to hire. They just know that Fantasy Fest puts out some less than desirable work and “That’s not what I want painted on me.” Well thanks for even bothering to check out MY work! Rant done.

Bird Collar Body Paint by Georgette Pressler Cyborg Body Paint by Georgette Pressler Zombie Body Paint by Georgette Pressler

Q: Where do you see yourself in a couple years?
A: I would love to see myself in a comfortable home with a huge garden outside of my studio window, sewing silken superhero capes and creating fancy unicorn headdresses for glamorous Fae! I would like to be a self sustaining and self sufficient artist. I don’t strive for popularity or fame. I don’t want to be the center of attention. I just want to make art and pay my bills, with a little leftover to be comfortable. It may seem to some that my goals are not grand enough or that they’re short sighted, but I’ve lived enough of this life to know that it is short. If you spend the whole time looking off into the distance, sometimes you miss what was right there next to you. In 10 years, I want to be just as happy, or happier, as I am now.

Q: Do you have any projects going on or in the works?
A: I always have projects in the works! So many irons in the fire at all times! I’m always planning my next photoshoot with my unbelievably talented group of friends. I’m always creating something or waiting to finish something. Right now, besides getting ready for the whirlwind that is Halloween, I’m focusing on teaching face painting classes in Florida and around the country. I’ll be in Asheveille, North Carolina in early November to teach a two part class and do some live demo painting. I like to teach first timers especially, as I focus on techniques rather than copying a specific style. I think I’m overqualified in that aspect as I have an art teaching degree and I can adapt my style easily to meet the requests of clients. I think all artist should be able to be as versatile, while still holding on to their artistic personality. Other than the classes and costumes, I’m also building a time machine, more on that in the past.

Q: What do you think of FABAtv?
A: I think FABAtv is an amazing and vital source like no other for this community, and for outsiders to the FABA(Face and Body Art) community as well! I’ve turned many professional makeup artists towards FABATV for insight to thinking outside of the glamour makeup box. Many of them are MAC, Sephora, and Makeup Forever artists. The online tutorials and live demos make learning fun and accessible for so many. Especially those that may never be able to take a class in person or get to a convention. FABAtv has done a great job and bringing the community together and keeping it close, while introducing new members to the fold and making them feel comfortable and safe to express themselves.

That wraps it up! Don’t forget to tune in on Monday, Sept 16th for the free class on FABAtv LIVE!
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