Special Effects Contacts and Proper Care


Halloween is around the corner and it’s that time of the year again! This is probably one of the busiest times of the year for face & body artists, so make sure your supplies are stocked and calender ready to book!

Silly Farm has a whole section of their site devoted to Halloween products, whether it’s prosthetics, blood, or just Halloween colors! Of course there’s a lot more products then just those!

It’s time to talk about special effects cosmetic contact lenses. FX Lenses are a great way to spice up your design, or just to compliment your costume. Whether you’re full body painted, wearing a graffiti eye design, or just in costume, these contacts will provide that WOW factor and improve your design tenfold!

The FABAtv Video Producer, John Place, filmed a great short youtube clip featuring proper care, application, and removal of FX Contact Lenses. The video is embedded below, but can also be viewed on YouTube here.

Still on the fence? Well check out a few of these contact lenses that are available right now at Silly Farm!

Blood Drip FX Contact LensBlack Net FX Contact LensFrankenstein FX Contact Lens



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