Party on FABAIC- Throwback Thursday

by Marcela Murad, Co- Founder of FABAIC


Aside from learning new skills and sharing our talents with each other, FABAIC is also about having a great time! Convention events such as our welcoming ceremony, Gala Banquet and nightly jams are very important to me, and that is why I’m in charge of making sure that they are full of surprises and fun for everyone.

fabaic painters in wonderland
The Wolfe Brothers for the Painters in Wonderland Theme

Some of my fondest memories are the ones where we used to get dressed in extravagant costumes to go with the theme for the banquet. We stopped doing this when bodypainting became more mainstream because too many were coming in full bodypaint make up rather than a costume and we felt it was taking away too much from the work of the artists competing. We still get dressed for other occasions, and next year we added a Cosplay Pre-day event where everyone is invited to take part in this wonderful world of dressing up.

fabaic party 1
Me as Queen of the Jungle and Leon as a Cannibal

Personally, my favorite year was 2004 when the theme was “Wild in the Jungle” and I dressed up as the Queen of the Jungle and Santa (my partner in crime) as a cannibal! For the 2006 “Midsummer Night Dream” I was Fiona and he was Shrek. The funniest was when he dressed as the baby from Cirque Du Soleil for the “Cirque de Fantasy” theme year. I wish I had pictures from when I was a Space Devil to go with the “Out this World” theme or the Sea Goddess for the year of “Under the Sea”.  If you have any pictures of  your own costumes, please share them with us! Reminiscing on how much fun we have at FABAIC always brings a smile to my face!

fabaic 3
Heather & I at last year’s Oriental Express Gala

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