3 Tips to look good, feel good and be your most productive!

by Heather Green


The number one question I get asked is how I do it all. For those of you that don’t know my hectic life, it probably sounds a lot like yours. Family, work, cleaning, jobs, bills, groceries, laundry, husbands, kids, and the occasional 3 seconds to shave our legs.  In the middle of all the chaos of life I forced myself to evaluate when and how I am most productive.  After a couple days of pondering over my highs and lows I realized that I am most productive when I feel good. So I created a routine where I feel good from the moment I wake up so that I can set myself up for success the rest of the day.

I am an advocate for creating routines and a lifestyle you can maintain, so that the excuses don’t get the best of you. If you set yourself up for failure with a schedule that doesn’t meet your lifestyle you are bound to ditch it.

This amazing caricature was done for me by the super talented late David Levi
This amazing caricature was done for me by the super talented late David Levi

Before I explain my daily routine, I want to preface it by saying I am awake A LOT  more than I am asleep so I am able to squeeze a lot in, I encourage you to design a program that works within your day and leaves you feeling your best.

Whether I am wearing sweats or a business suit I like to feel and look good. I am not saying put on full make up to go to the gym, I am saying put yourself together every single time you leave your space because people notice.  I am NOT a Donald Trump fan, but in speaking to people that support him several of them have said to  me that he looks regal and rich and they love that about him. When I met my current husband the FIRST thing I noticed was that his clothes were ironed.  ( I am a sucker for ironing). When I met Jody Rife I fell in love with her amazing hair, and the more I got to know Jinny I am always in awe of how clean she paints and she ALWAYS  looks like a million bucks. What do all of those people I mentioned have in common? Their outside appearance helped mold the my perception of them.

Jody, Jinny and my handsome hubby
Jody, Jinny and my handsome hubby

Every morning I walk into Starbucks and they ask me how am I always smiling? I tell them that I feel good so I smile. My secret to a good day, a productive day, is feeling good and I will show you how I pull it together in 30 minutes or less to start my day with a bang!


    1. Exercise! I have Spanish genes. Which means everything sticks to my body. If I smell a doughnut I gain 4 pounds. So after I gained the infamous freshmen 15 in college I added a daily workout to my lifestyle. I doubt Ill ever be super skinny, but I will always be active and on the pursuit to be heart healthy. Exercising gives me energy,. You release endorphin’s and they are natural mood enhancers. Exercising gives you energy and its a time to focus on productivity. Even if you just go for a walk, a jog, do yoga on your floor,
      work out in a group it really makes it fun
      work out in a group it really makes it fun

      if you are active for at least 30 minutes a day I PROMISE you will feel better. I call my mom every morning and give her the 15 minute warning to be ready because I pick her up to go to the gym with me. I have a zillion reasons why I don’t have time to go to the gym and usually she tries to weasel out with excuses but I remind her NOTHING will matter if you don’t have health. If you don’t have time to make it to the gym, I use a program called Daily Burn. Which is an online workout channel with 30 minute fun workouts. I adopted a mindset that exercising is my me time, and a time for me to take care of myself. If you don’t invest in your best asset how can you grow? I have 2 kids and a BUSY hectic life, but I make time for my health because when I am healthy and  happy I can be the best mom and wife possible. Not to mention when you workout and you see results, tighten up loose skin, you feel sexier and that alone will help your personal life :) Make time and before you know it, it will be easier than you thought.

    2. Eat to feel good- I have a love hate relationship with food. I LOVE to eat everything , especially things covered in cheese or sugar. After I had my first son my thyroid went to hell. And when that happens you start feeling sluggish and gaining weight. I changed my whole diet and started eating super healthy and guess what! I still gained weight and did NOT feel better. I grew up with vegetarian parents so I am used to eating healthy, but my stricter diet wasn’t doing anything but making me stressed about eating. So, I decided to listen to my mind and body and created a eating lifestyle I can manage and that my body feels good with.  BreakfastSome days especially PMS days I can eat the entire Hershey park, but for the rest of the month I combine fruits, veggies, wine, treats, sweets and remember that I food is my friend. Again, you are your best, when you feel good so when you eat good you are naturally going to feel good from the inside out. So take a look at your food choices, think about when you feel your worst and your best. Then focus on how to feel your best every time you open your mouth.
    3. Look your best as often as you can! My husband gets a hair cut every single Thursday. He wears suits and even when he is dressed down people always stop him to ask if he is famous. I don’t know who they think he is, but I venture to believe that his appearance makes people think he is important. Whether we like it or not, we are judged by our outward appearance before we ever open our mouths. Getting Go from UGHdressed, doing your hair, and creating a fabulous in 15 minute routine is the best investment you can make in your life and here’s why. I have a motto, I stay ready so I never have to get ready. When someone walks into my office I try to my VERY best to always look ready. I am not a make up artist, I don’t own super fancy clothing. But I always iron my clothes, comb my hair and do my make up. Now before you say… Oh Heather you always look good… LOL Let me stop you by saying NO! What you see is the product of someone that cares about looking and feeling good and I take it serious. I want my clients, customers, co workers, friends, husband and kids to see that presentation is powerful. I want them to see me as someone they like to know and be seen with. Perception is reality.
      The day I was hired to teach for Lilly Ghalichi in CA. I dropped everything and flew there ready to go!
      The day I was hired to teach for Lilly Ghalichi in CA. I dropped everything and flew there ready to go!

      Here’s why I am serious about looking good and feeling good. I am hired to paint in millionaires homes, I want to be  seen as someone they respect and how do you do that? You show up ready, where you look like you are worth your rate. I have business meetings with people that want to increase my sales and work with me, I show them I am capable and excited about the process by showing them I work hard on myself and that will transfer into working hard for them. And MOST important, when you look good you feel good. Think back to a time where you got dolled up, and the compliments you received. Didn’t it make you feel so good to hear you look nice? Imagine if you felt that way everyday and you received compliments daily how would that affect your day? One afternoon while at Church a man approached me. He looked in his 20’s. His shirt was so wrinkled and the crust was still in his eyes. He told me that he heard I was into video and wanted to give me his card because he was a producer. He said he works with budgets of 10K and more and he would love a meeting with me. Immediately I thought to myself, “this was our meeting”. If you wanted to impress me you would have at least ironed your shirt, or cleaned your face. I am not telling you that you have to be a beauty queen to be taken serious, I am telling you that when you look good, you feel good and you will be in the best position to do your best work. 99% of my YouTube videos are made on the fly. Which means I get inspired during the day and I turn on the camera and paint. I wouldn’t be able to do that if I wasn’t camera ready.our

My daily fabulous in 15 minute make up and hair regimen wasn’t expensive. I didn’t have to take hair and make up classes, I just had to play around till I achieved a look I felt comfortable with and could pull off between getting kiddies ready for school, taking out the trash, and multi tasking.

    Here’s what it looks like:-
      Hair: I recently was introduced to the

Blow Dry Bar.

    Basically its a place where you just go get your hair blow dried. It is my heaven. I try to go on Sunday afternoons so that I can start my week feeling fresh and fab. Its one less thing I have to worry about in my daily schedule and I always feel amazing when I leave there. I usually saver all my tips from the week and use them as my blown fund. :)

our (1)

    -Make up: I airbrush my face every single day. I use the Temtpu Silicone bronzer so give myself some color and vibrancy. I love my Airbrush because silicone make up is lightweight and comfortable. It lasts all day without needing a touch up and its FAST to apply. Then I add a little eye shadow, mascara, blush, lip gloss and VIOLA! Then I am ready to go and conquer the world of face paint.

Unless you are lucky enough to have the funds for Shawna DeReal or Elisa Griffith to come and make you look fabulous every morning its a good idea for you to find a way to dress yourself up to where you feel great! In my office we have 22 women. The days where they get dressed up, add a little blush and do their hair I notice a difference in their whole attitude that day. And the flip side is when they come in with their hair pulled back, and no make up I hear them say, dont look at me today I was a bad morning.

My life would be totally different if I had Elisa everyday!
My life would be totally different if I had Elisa everyday!

So think about what kind of person you want to be seen and known as. Every day wont be your best day, but people will forget 1-5 off days, if 90% of the time you put your best forward. But if your everyday look is disheveled and careless you cant expect people to see you differently.


This blog is for those people that want to create an all around successful life. Meaning success and happiness with family, business, friendships, and personal relationships. They are all connected and equally important.  When you are happy at home, you can carry that happiness to work and the opposite it true too. If you are having fights with your mate, and then you have to work with people they feel your energy. When you are eating good and working out and you get compliments your confidence increases and you feel powerful. I can say this because I speak from 100% experience. I am the owner of an International company. I am hired to travel and teach all over the world, NOT because I am the best painter, but because I am a symbol of someone that will give 10000%.  If you want to change your current situation, take a look at where you are and how you feel. Make a list about all the things that make you feel good. Then a list of how to adopt them into your daily lifestyle routine. Within 30 days people will notice, you will feel better and you will be in the most powerful position to go after your dreams.

My next blog will be about the importance of an awesome head shot, and I have a special treat for those taking my Dallas workshop :) 

-Hands onworkshops_jamming

Thanks for reading this semi paint related blog. I know it was long, but I felt the need to share the importance of feeling good. My blogs are geared towards motivating you. I want each of you to make a life you love, making money doing what you love, but in order to do that you have to take care of yourself.

Have a beautiful week friends and PLEASE share your daily routines to looking and feeling your best!

-Your Paint Pal



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