2 Minute Rainbow Unicorn Step by Step

by Silly Heather

2 Minute


A lot of painters get caught up in their designs looking perfectly executed. They struggle to make every line, shadow, color and stroke look like a Picasso. They forget that most of the time while we are struggling to create a Monet’ there are impatient parents and squirmy kids waiting behind us. Then there are painters ( sometimes like myself) that struggle with cheek art. Parents request “nothing by the eyes” and “something super fast like a Princess Elsa or fairy unicorn” and then we struggle to make smaller versions of our favorite full faces designs. I used to think if I used stencils then I would be cheating as a face painter. About 5 years ago I created a line of stencils to be used for face painting and airbrush tattoos called Pink Power stencils. I created designs that would be cheek art friendly and designs I hated to free hand.

I put together a kit called the fast faces kits that allows you to do super fast face painting with a sponge and rainbow cake.  They have been super popular for fundraising events and especially for Cancer walks because of the fast application of the Pink Ribbon. Since then I have been using Pink Power stencils and others like Tap, BAM, Trendy tribals and Show Offs in my painting practices.

A cute fast Unicorn has been on my MUST CREATE list and then one day I put together my favorite products and created a 2 minute crowd pleaser. This blog includes the pictorial step by step by I also filmed a video for the whole thing. I hope to edit the video and Ill update the blog with the video as soon as I finish editing it.

So here it is :)

What you will need


I keep about 7-8 Pink Power stencils in my kit. I love the Unicorn, dolphin, monster truck, scorpion, Fairy and seasons ones like the American Flag. For this design I used a Leanne’s rainbow Fun stroke, FAB white ( because its creamier and doesnt bleed like the wolfe white sometimes does) Mama Clown fairy dust glitter, and a Large Arty brush brush. Most of these supplies you already have in your kit :)

Step 1- Load your sponge with white paintI like FAB because its creamy and doesn't tend to bleed under the stencil.Place stencil on the cheek and press the sponge over the exposed area

You want to make sure your sponge is damp not too wet or else it will cause the paint to bleed under the stencil. I test the moisture on my wrist before I apply to the skin.

Step 1- Load your sponge with white paintI like FAB because its creamy and doesn't tend to bleed under the stencil.Place stencil on the cheek and press the sponge over the exposed area (1)

You can apply glitter with your finger or a sponge. Just make sure you apply it before you remove the stencil for the best glittery effect.

Step 3- Using a Rainbow Arty or FunStroke add a swipe on top of the eye

I love the Leanne’s Rainbow Global cake because its super POW! And rainbows NEVER go out of style :)Follow the arc of the eye brow for a nice flow and placement.

Step 4-Add clouds and add a little blue outline to the clouds

The graffiti madness stencil set by Wiser is truly my go to set. I love this cloud/ paint cloud stencil and I use it for all my whimsical designs. I like to give my clouds a fast border using Ziva blue by FAB my favorite color of all time :)

Untitled design (27)

Outlining is totally optional but looks totally cool. Once you have the unicorn design its so easy to outline because the design is already there. Outlining gives a nice finishing touch.

On the other side I added some more clouds and stars and and finished it up.

If you master using a stencil you can knock out this design in under 3 minutes. Which makes it a recipe for happy faces. My formula is easy, make it pretty, make is under 5 minutes, and make sure you add lip stick and glitter. LOL

I hope to have the video up by the end of the week. Hope you enjoy this quickie and dont forget to share your pics with me. Im super active on all social media and LOVE to see your work in action. Or the see how you rock out suing supplies from my store. I am not just the owner of Silly farm I am your Paint Pal and write this blog for you! So enjoy and happy painting!



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