Enthusiasm | The Soul-Force


The word enthusiasm derives from the Greek term meaning, “to be inspired”.
When we are enthusiastic about anything, we become like a great magnet attracting a powerful force in all directions and influencing those around us. This is why it is said that enthusiasm is “soul-power”.

How does enthusiasm apply to face and body painting or any of the performing arts? For many years, one of my all time favorite quotes has been “Love what you do with all your heart and do it with enthusiasm. This is the key to success.”

When starting to paint, know that you are being guided by a subconscious force that is going to help you produce the best results. Whether it is face-painting, body painting, performing or working on a project, if we do it with enthusiasm, the results will be the best. Each time that we repeat the task in the same manner the results will be even better. When selling our services or our products, remember that enthusiasm is contagious. The more we are able to touch others with our high level of enthusiasm, the more they will want from us. We cannot sell much of anything if we don’t believe in it or ourselves 100%.
Mama Clown
Enthusiasm keeps us from being discouraged by helping us to cultivate a state of mind that doesn’t allow thoughts of failure to enter. Regardless of the economy, present circumstances in our lives, the weather, or the array of other things we find to complain about, if we approach a solution with enthusiasm, we will succeed.

Today is the day to paint your best design, to insure the most bookings, to start your dream project, to put order in your life. All you need to do is take the first step and do it with enthusiasm, because this is the key to success.

-Marcela Murad
Co-Producer of The Face and Body Art International Convention