What is a FABAtv Live class?

By Silly Heather Your Paint Pal
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4 years ago I had a vision to start an online channel for painters to learn from the worlds best artists. I had no experience in the digital streaming world, but I knew that if people loved my YouTube channel then they would LOVE learning in a more high quality, versatile way. Starting FABAtv was a challenge to say the least, I had a lot of ups and downs, and hiccups along the way. My initial vision was to win the lotto and invite all my friends to come and teach and let the world learn for free. But then reality set in and the costs of producing high quality video and incentivizing artists to come, teach and share their skills is costly. So, I researched and brainstormed with industry specialists and we developed a subscription based service for painters around the world to learn. I used my Heather dust to beg my artists friends to come and teach and 4 years later we have built to worlds largest library of face and body art classes. meet n greet1We currently have over 275 classes covering all topics of face and body art including business, marketing, henna, airbrush, glitter tattoos, body painting and so much more. Our library of teachers includes the worlds best, and I am mean the worlds best. Madelyn Greco has won 5 times at the World championship, and other instructors/winners include Jinny, Matteo Arfanotti, Nick and Brian Wolfe, winner of Skin Wars Nathalie Fletcher and every face painter you have come to know and love. FABAtv is truly my dream come true.

I finally got a chance paint my little guy during a live class. He did great for a wiggle worm!

FABAtv allows you to learn in the comfort of your own home on your own schedule. Every month we premiere 5 new classes and one live class. When I began  brainstorming FABAtv I had an idea to do a once a month live interactive class where viewers would be able to ask questions and we would teach totally live. Most people see an image from Instagram or Facebook and are amazed but dont realize their might have been 20 hours of fixing and photoshop that went into that one image. When you are live there is little room for mistakes but more room to show human interaction and on the spot painting. So, Wiser kicked off our first live class 4 years ago and ever since we have been hosting the greats ever since. The live classes give you a real life look into your favorite artist live and uncensored. You get a chance to see that even the best fudge lines sometimes and make mistakes. FABAtv also lets you chat and ask questions. Matteo Arfanotti lives in Italy and the likelihood being able to ask him a question and get answer right away is not always possible, but during his live class the questions were rolling!

FABAtv vs Youtube
FABAtv vs Youtube

But I forgot to mention the BEST part about FABAtv live classes! They are FREE to watch while they are live. :) I was able to save a little piece to always be able to give back. While the class is live streaming anyone and everyone is invited to watch and learn.  Once the class in finished it becomes part of the channel and as a subscriber you are able to watch anytime. Unfortunately we can not offer free classes with all the library because we have to pay royalties and operational costs, but the live classes are my gift to you. So i hope you enjoy them and mark your calendars monthly to see who and what you can learn from on FABAtv.


Tonight we are hosting the AMAZING Jocelyn Casdorph for a live class, she is going to blow you away! Jocelyn spent many years teaching and designs faces for Enjoy Your Face and theme parks across the world. She trained artists in Japan and painted many of the faces in the face Painting Bible known as Creative Face Painting. She is one of my personal favorites of all time, her style is so clean and she is a phenomenal teacher. I hope you enjoy her class tonight and make sure to leave us feedback. we love hearing from you.

If you want to take a test drive of FABAtv and want to start investing in your craft you can email us for a free day pass. FABAtv is the best investment you can make in your craft and yourself. Start learning with us today <3 <3 and Happy Painting

want a free day pass?
want a free day pass?

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