Rainbow Butterfly Step by Step

by Silly Heather Your Paint Pal

A couple months ago I had a dream about publishing a new book. I immediately called Marcela and told her my idea and she agreed that it was about time we published something new. So we sat down and brainstormed and came up with several ideas. We made a list of the top requested designs- butterflies and rainbows kept coming up. So the next day I invited my FAVORITE model Lia over and painted this step by step on her to get my creative juices flowing. I put together a fast step- by- step to share and hope it inspires you to get out your brushes and paint <3


Step by Step-4



Tip: Before you paint on top of the rainbow cake and arty cake back ground you want to give them at least 1 minute to dry so the colors don’t blend into one anotherĀ 


Step by Step-2



Tip: Use the nose as a focal point and guide to help you place your swirls and curls. If you start your curls heading into the nose and middle of the eyes make sure the rest of your lines flow there too.


Step by Step



Tip: Butterflies and rainbows are the most requested designs. When you combine them you have an instant hit! Hope you enjoyed this step- by- step. Make sure to tune into to our new Paint Pal channel on Youtube and don’t miss the new tutorials that are added monthly <3


And stay tuned for my new book coming August 2105

My new book coming August 2015

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