On the spot inspiration! 

By Marcela Murad

I came out with this creative idea while working at the Alaskan State Fair. Though we have a board of designs to choose from, many times the patrons request something unique or unusual. Sometimes it is a simple design request such as a pig or a cow,  but since I do not paint them often enough, it is hard for me to make a really nice version of it without seeing a picture of it first. Most of us are good at copying designs, and it’s easy to google them or just ask Siri to look up samples. The problem at the fair is that we have a very poor internet connection.
state fair
Our set up at the 2014 Alaskan State Fair
What I decided to do was print pictures of designs I tend to have to look up online, plus other designs that I would love to try. I bought a wooden recipe box that my 11 year old niece helped me paint. Inside I put a set of alphabetical dividers so that I could organize the pictures by name making the designs easy to find when needed.
Untitled design-3
For example, if a child wanted to be Tiger, by looking under the letter “T”  I could pull out a great rendition by one of my favorite painters (Christina Kerr Davison) and simply copy it.  Because I also laminated the pictures, I can set the card in front of me anywhere on the table or even hold it in my hand without getting stained or  ruined. On the few days when the fair is slow, I can use the pictures to try new renditions of the most popular designs inspired by many of the amazing artists. Pinterest is my favorite place to find inspiration for my box.
Superhero designs are also a popular request- I love to keep a “Superhero Cheat Sheet” in my box so I don’t mess up the character when painting a face!                                              Designs by Denise Cold

This is faster and more convenient than using your phone to find an image. I’m just a genius! 😀

<3 Marcela

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