Now That’s a GREAT Idea!

BY Silly Heather Your Paint Pal

How to make a stack of business cards by Sara Meyer
How to make a stack of business cards by Sara Meyer

One of the reasons I LOVE social media is because you have access to so much great information. I have recently fell in love with Twitter because my news feed is FULL of awesome links to articles, blogs,  and really helpful info for small business owners. Sadly, most painters are behind on Twitter because I find they are linking Twitter to their Facebook profiles so images aren’t showing up, only links, and those are less likely to have a click through.

Back to what I was saying…

I recently came across this blog and I shared a few posts, but as I was reading through her blog today (Because Mondays are all about reading blogs) I just fell in love with this idea and had to share with you.

I am a self professed creatively clutterful person. By definition that means my life is colorfully cluttered with lots of stuff and I have a hard time keeping track of my things. One thing that seems to be the most disorganized inside of my kit are my business cars because they are flopping around, bending the edges and getting worn. So when I saw this blog I almost fainted. Now that’s a great idea! Thanks Sara Meyer of FacePaintingCents and Love Bug face painting for the awesome step by step and idea.

Checkout the full blog here 

happy Painting and keep on sharing my friends




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