My vision for a Creative Entrepreneurs Retreat

By Heather Green

I am a self proclaimed knowledge hoarder. I try to read every night, and attend a business seminar at minimum every 2 months. I love learning, and at the rate technology shifts it’s important to keep up with changing times. dilbert_knowledgeA couple weeks ago I attended a business summit about motivational speaking and business strategies. I left feeling a little empty, because while the information was helpful and sparked ideas I felt bad for the other attendees. The speakers were excellent at planting ideas. And as I looked around I saw so many hopeful women eager to use the words the speakers were sharing, but in my gut I knew that many of the women would head home lost, and frustrated. The main speakers shared a lot of ideas about marketing initiatives, blogging, vlogging, teleconferencing and public speaking and while their ideas were solid, they aren’t easily implemented. At least without guidance and help they aren’t.

So I returned home and my mind wouldn’t stop running. I kept thinking about how, as much as I fight it, my passion isn’t really painting- it’s helping others like me. (Creative Entrepreneurs)

So I wrote out an idea for a Creative Entrepreneurs Retreat and I want to share the idea with you all. I kindly request your feedback.defection-clipart-sad-face-clip-art Because we won’t be having a FABAIC in 2016 I felt that May 2016 would be a great time to host the retreat. Then I wouldn’t feel so sad when May rolled around and there was no FABAIC! However, the retreat would be a completely different from FABAIC. The way I vision the retreat, there would actually be very little painting. quick-tips-for-small-business-branding

My goal with a retreat would be to help creative entrepreneurs, locate their gift, focus and develop a plan, and build a brand that has profitability potential. When I first started my entrepreneurial journey I was all over the place, I had trouble pin pointing where and what could actually make me living. I loved painting, I loved business, I loved homicide detective shows, I loved to create craft projects and I loved working with kids. So, I wavered through different ideas, until my vision took a path of its own. And with lots of hard work and dedication I reached this point. And I feel now is the time where I want to dedicate myself to help others on this path.


I have been working with a convention planner to help me find a venue that would support my idea of a motivational, peaceful, inspiring environment. My plan is to limit this retreat to 25 people to ensure proper attention and time to develop each brand. We would act as a group that would eat together, offer advice and constructive criticism, learn, grow and enjoy the surroundings to help inspire the journey.

My ultimate goal is for the participants to leave with something tangible. The “something” that many of the seminars I attend do not include. I would like to see every person leave with a professional headshot, a blog, a Youtube channel, Facebook business page, and a plan of action for the next 365 days.


This retreat would NOT be geared towards just face painters. I want to reach creative people because I feel they are the ones that hide behind the “I’m not a good business person” cliche. My best friend Lisa Pizza, is a face painter and the director of education at Silly Farm. She plans all my road tours, classes and workshops. But her real passion lies in her jewelry. But she , like many creative entrepreneurs, just need a little guidance and help nurturing their gifts.

So here is my idea in a nut shell

4 days on a tropical paradise 25 creative souls

-mind mapping

-brand building

-goal setting


-creating healthy routines for successful people

-Marketing like a rock star

-Public presentation of your visions and action plans

-starting a blog, Youtube and business pages

a mixing in fun, sun, excitement and camaraderie


So, please be honest with me. Would you want to be part of a retreat who’s mission to help you create a profitable business using the skills you posses and your vision? Would something like this be helpful for you and your business? Are there any topics you think we should cover or build into the program?

I have said it before, and I live by this motto. “If you are the smartest person in the room you are probably in the wrong room.” So I am looking for feedback and ideas to see of my vision for a retreat is something people besides myself want to take part in :)


I welcome all feedback and input. Even if my retreat vision never comes to life and becomes reality I still would love to hear from you all to know what you really find yourself needing, struggling with and wanting to know.

I hope that each of you are enjoying a busy summer full of new possibilities, exciting gigs and motivation to help you push through next season.

<3 Hope to hear from you soon <3




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  1. I’m interested! I have not done much at all in the way of business seminars or conventions, other than the ones that are only about making art (dance conventions, FABAIC, etc.). I’ve learned all my business knowledge over the years as experience, and learning from others’ successes and failures, so I wouldn’t mind going to something that would really help me focus on how to make my businesses work more efficiently. I have all the social media pages, websites, etc., and I’m fairly visible online, but I need more help with writing and implementing business plans and financial issues.

    1. Thank you for the feedback Kristin. You’d be surprised how much you can accomplish when you are put in the right environment and flow to be creative for the business side of things. We are naturally great creators, but we struggle with focusing on the business side because the creative side comes easier.
      I am hoping to turn this retreat into a reality, so I can help others just like me and you <3

  2. I think this idea has merit. its similar to other business/marketing suggestions made in coaching groups. A ‘dream team’ so to speak where others take an active interest in your business and you take one in theirs. Groups are often slightly less than the 25 you’re thinking of but committed to a group assistance/brainstorming/keeping each other accountable etc for a specified amount of time.

  3. Sounds like a great idea. My business needs updating to get more involved in social media. I would love to come however here in Minnesota we have a very short summer so all our business is jammed from May thru the Holiday season. We’re not busy in February and March. So that would be an ideal time. We are also quiet the first 2 weeks in November and April is not quite so busy.

  4. I would be very interested in this. I love being creative and being able to have an outlet for that creativity that can actually be a successful business. I am not very good at business though. I have a hard time focusing on the business end of things. I also have a hard time determining what steps should or shouldn’t come next and what really needs my attention. I think this could be a great opportunity for me. I would love to be a part of it.

  5. Heather, I think this is a wonderful idea & I definitely want to be a part of it. It sounds exactly what I’ve been praying for. I’m 44 starting somewhat over. I still have my candle biz, but taking in a new direction. No storefront. Only wholesale. So slimming down to allow me to venture more into the art of face painting, body art, cosmetology /makeup art, airbrush. I want to learn it all or maybe it would be I focus on what we see I’m best at. Either way just being with people who love the same things I do and are helping, encouraging it’s a win win! When, where & how much to sign up! ? I’m ready! !!!

  6. Hi Heather,

    Sure miss all of you at SillyFarm. I had a thought about the retreat that might be of interest to you. “What happens when you can’t paint?” For a week, for a month, or even for a year. This is something I faced as I went through breast cancer and treatment. One of my favorite preachers, T. D. Jakes says you need to have multiple streams of income. Learning to refocus on things I could to to express my artistic side was an interesting journey. I would love to share my journey with others. Let me know what you think of the idea.

  7. I am starting my own buisiness doing balloons and body arts and have found it difficult, to say the least, writing a business plan! Finding info for creative businesses has proved hard for me and harder to get others that I’ve reached out to online to answer the many questions I have. So what your talking about here is very exciting and fills me with hope to further my business! I am interested and would love some more info if you have it?!

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