How to Stay Motivated as an Entrepreneur

by Heather Green Your Paint Pal

what's the difference between successful entrepreneurs and everyone else- (1)
Happy New Year friends!  January is notoriously slow for the world. After the robust Holiday season, it feels like the world needs a reset button to get back into daily routines. I for one use January to catch up on everything, plan out my year, purge things that held me back and down, and to recharge. And while all those things are productive and will set the tone for the year, they dont pay my bills immediately.
I find that when its slow, our minds start wandering into different career ideas, we panic and jump ship to find something else to get our selves into and abandon plans and goals we have been working on. And rather than using any spare time to improve and plan for future success we take 10 steps backwards and loose momentum. I follow a GREAT blog called Goals On track to give me that butt kick when I need to remember good days are far bigger and more rewarding than the sucky days. One of my favorite blogs on the site is about staying motivated when you get bored or are (slow). 
One line stuck out more than any other in that blog. The blogger talked about his chat with a pro trainer at the gym and he asked him about what he felt was the difference between Olympians and everyone else and his answer made so much sense! He said “they can handle being bored and repetition, when others give up”
what's the difference between successful entrepreneurs and everyone else-
                        this quote was adapted from
That statement was so loud and clear for me mainly because, I am used to operating at a level 50 ( on a scale of 1-10). So when I have more time I find myself struggling to concentrate, and stay motivated. So how do you stay motivated and excite yourself about routines, consistency, and expecting boredom?
Here are a few tips that work for me when I am growing tired of the treadmill of being an entrepreneur
Make a picture collage of the GREAT times you have encountered as an entrepreneur.
Unfortunately, we forget the good times and the reasons why we started our business when things get bored and hard so to have a  visual reminder is a good alarm clock to wake you up from the funk.
My visual happy place board
                               My visual happy place board

Change the goal. More often than not we give  up and grow bored because we are unrealistic about our goals. We want to be rich and successful the day we open our business doors. We want clients that pay their bills on time and we want to work between the hours of 10-4…Setting those types of expectations will more than likely lead you to feelings of failure. Hello Media.

When you are feeling your most bored or frustrated with your current position, start writing down different goals. Goals that excite you. For  example, last year we offered our office staff the chance at doubling the 52 week challenge.  Claudia collected the money each week and if you remembered without a reminder and stuck with it we matched it. Out of 26 of us only 3 people kept with it. I forgot after week 2. So I told myself this year I was going to do the challenge forward and backward and at the end of the year I would have saved close to $3,000. I started week one and its a goal I set, I am excited and eager to keep making the money to keep up the savings plan. I started a vision board about the savings so I have a goal with a visual to stay motivated! Goals dont always have to be based on your work practices, they can be derivatives that can come from doing good at work. Another goal possible goal would be to contact 10 past customers and refresh them about your services. Last year i painted at 300+ events. If I contact 5 a day its a great goal to work towards. I am not telling you to think small, Im telling you to be flexible so that boredom doesn’t drown you while you are wading in the water.


Remind yourself that repetition isn’t always a bad thing. Just because every day you wake up and log into your computer and check emails, return emails, send invoices, etc doesn’t mean its not making a difference. When you stop being productive, is when you have to worry. If you are waking up lacking motivation to engage your business practices that require repetition, that’s when you need to do some soul searching. The first thing I do when I walk in the door of my office is open my email. I prioritize my emails and create a daily NEED to get done list. I do this EVERY day so that I can push myself to get things done and focus on important things. Yes its repetitive but it works when I am slow and super busy. I say to myself  I LOVE being productive and getting things done. Its a great goal to accomplish daily. So I rarely look at answering emails as a bad thing.


Start your morning with a love note to yourself about a task that you have to do every day for your business. So that you remember its for the greater good of your business and for consistency. One thing that has been a major factor in my success with my Youtube channel, Silly Farm site and business overall, is consistency. My clients want me to show up at their events on time and do a great job, my customers want me to ship packages fast and to be reliable, my viewers to see new videos monthly, and the only way I can do that is by reminding myself that redundancy doesn’t have to be boring or counter productive.

This year has been coined “Sweet 16”  how will you help 2016 live up to its reputation. Write it down, think it over, set goals, and get focused. Remember, giving up just means you have to start over. And ain’t no body got time for that when you are on a mission!

Happy Painting friends make this year your best yet!

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