Celebrating 15 Colorful Years

by Marcela Murad, Co- Founder of the Face & Body Art Convention

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Face & Body Art International Magazine

As I was looking through the 15 years of convention magazines to find inspiration for this blog, I read the welcoming page of the first convention May 24 -25, 2002 when our world was just hatching out of its creative cocoon:


“During the next three days we will be amazed an inspired. Through mutual sharing we will discover our own creative potential. Together we will learn fresh and innovative ideas and designs, plus a variety of painting art forms. We will be influential in elevating the art of face painting to new dimensions.”

We did all that and so much more! But remember, I was not alone. There were (and still are) so many people involved in helping keep my dream alive. Some like Jinny, Nick Wolfe, Gary Cole, Arla Albers, Katie Hunt and others have been supporting FABAIC since the beginning. Others like my dear friend Cynthia Keeler who was my partner and co- producer for the first five years, has moved on to other adventures, but continues to encourage me. But most importantly, it is YOUR willingness and effort to take time off from your busy schedules to keep coming back year after year to learn and be inspired that keeps the flame going and the enthusiasm for the hard work alive. This is my dream but it is YOUR convention. All the long hours of planning, all the sacrifice, everything that we do we do it with YOU in mind. Our goal has always been to provide for you the best quality training by the best instructors worldwide and to teach you more so you can earn more.


We took a year off because we truly wanted to outdo ourselves and plan for you the best 15 year celebration of the greatest gathering of face and body painters in the USA! Please check out blog, subscribe to our newsletter, and join our FABAIC Facebook Forum to keep informed of the great things to come.


If you are concerned about the financial investment, I encourage you to get on the payment plan, it helps to space out the payments, and you can dedicate one job each month to paying it off. Right now we have a 5- night hotel and full registration package for $95.38 per month. It is also your last month to get a cute little savings piggy, hand made by one of our Silly Farmers, that has a raffle ticket in it for a chance to win a free hotel stay!

This Little Piggy is Going to FABAIC 2017!


We already have an impressive list of instructors- many of your favorites will be returning as well as some awesome new talent who will be joining us for the first time. We are working on designing classes that are fresh and innovative, raising the level of the competition, and planning lots of special presentations, parties and of course- the biggest and most exciting jams that made the FABAIC famous.


In the next 18 months leading up to the convention, we will be reminiscing about what we have done in the past, sharing with you some of our best times, featuring past instructors and holding trivia contest that includes winning a registration and three night hotel room stay. We’ll also share advice on saving for FABAIC, traveling tips, competition information and everything else you need to know to help us celebrate 15 years of amazing art!



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