Build a Bling….How To Create Custom bling

by Heather Green and demo by Karen Husted

I tell this story during my classes. For several years I face painted at a country club during Easter weekend. One year I could not work that weekend because I had just had my son so I asked my best friend to cover for me. So the following year I called back to confirm the dates and they politely asked me if there was any way my friend cold come back instead of me. At first I was shocked, and angry and bothered that I lost one of my favorite gigs. So, I asked the client if I had done anything wrong or if there was anything I could do to make it up to them and she explained that I am a great painter but the other painter brought gems with her.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where I show how I used the custom bling in this design

I was blown away, after all I let her use my kit and my gems! But when it was all said and done the client felt there was a greater perceived value because she used gems. From that moment on I never left home without my bling box. I traveled around the country with Marcela teaching bling masks and I adopted the motto…It isn’t complete if it doesn’t sparkle.

Then during the 2014 FABAIC a lady by the name of Karen Husted gave Marcela and I a package of gems. I had never seen gems like them before. There were more like clusters of gems that the stickers and stones that I had in my bling box. Karen explained that she makes custom bling and she would happily show me.  Ever since then the idea of custom bling is somewhat regarded as a secret and people are always eager to learn how to do it. The truth is that its super duper easy! Karen was kind enough to make a little video explaining the way she creates the custom bling and I also made a video explaining custom bling too. I mashed them together for the full effect and I am presenting it you here. NEW Build a Bling Video

11051158_10154038249840190_1559516136_nadding bling to your designs, you not only increase the value but it takes some of the pressure off you to create perfect lines and a perfect design. One of the best things about Bling is that its relatively inexpensive and can be a great up sell to your next gig.

I hope you enjoy our video and if you have any questions please reach out to us, email us and share your bling designs. <3 <3  I am editing the Part 2 now but since its late I might not get it up until tomorrow <3

Beautiful bling design by Karen Husted

Bling it on!!! Bling looks great on any design



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