All Press is Good Press- How to get featured in newspapers and blogs

By Silly Heather Your Paint Pal <3

All Press is Good Press

A couple years ago, while reading the local business section of my newspaper I read about a young business coach that was starting a women’s summit. I loved the profile on her and I was so intrigued I immediately signed up for her summit, and eventually her coaching services, and to this day I still follow her blogs and attend her conferences.

Media (newspapers, print, and social media) have the power of transforming everyday people into overnight celebrities. The internet birthed a whole new celebrity because of its international never ending reach. So with the increase of online papers, social media and internet sharing, the possibility of getting featured also increased. GOOD NEWS for you! (AND ME)

So, how do you get featured? What is your purpose when you are featured? And where do you ideally want to be featured?

  • Twitter! Start tweeting! I have to admit that I ignored Twitter for the past three years thinking it would die off. But the beauty of Twitter is that unlike FB, IG, etc.. Twitter followers appreciate massive amounts of posts. Because everyone gets the same 144 characters tweeting, it’s like having an online conversation and everyone attached to the Twitter world is listening. Especially the big companies, every major corporation is attached to Twitter and they wait to communicate with you. So don’t sleep on Twitter. Here’s my success story with Twitter.  I LOVE the show Your Business on MSNBC. It’s such  a great tool and inspiration for entrepreneurs. I started following them on twitter and responded to a tweet about sending them a business selfie. So I took a selfie in my showroom tweeted them and not only did they retweet me they also featured me (@sillyfarm) on their Twitter and on the actual show.
    Its so cool seeing your picture on TV
    Its so cool seeing your picture on TV

    It didn’t cost me anything to get mentioned, and it didn’t require tons of time. A simple Tweet got me followers on Twitter, a mention on MSNBC, and a cool picture to share with the world. So, start following your local papers, your local community events pages, the YMCA, Publix, Chick- Fil- A, newspapers, new stations and start tweeting them pictures of your work, sharing their posts, and engaging in a Twitter dialogue with them. One great Tweet can create a following that can make you an overnight sensation

  • Magazines and blogs need content- be the content they need: Most magazines, blogs, newspapers and even newstations NEED content and because you have something to share (or the goal is you want to share it with them) – and this is the season to do so. With Halloween right around the corner, start writing some quick articles about costume ideas, your services, why to hire a professional instead of using your moms mascara, tips for cool Halloween make up, and any other topics you can share with the social media universe. Then start sharing them with bloggers, lifestyle writers, and local newspapers. The local newspaper segment to find out what’s going on in town for kids and in the community is called the Neighbors section. I did a quick search and found an article with an email address (woohoo) and voila I had a person to send content to!
    Google has a wealth of info don't be scared to find what you are looking for
    Google has a wealth of info don’t be scared to find what you are looking for

    This type of media coverage is a little more time consuming then tweeting major corporations. But the good news is that if you write the content, you control the message. So if you want to reach lots of moms in a particular area and you get featured on a blog or magazine they read it can definitely help you create a brand and recognizable name amongst them.  So, when you ask bloggers, news stations, and writers if you can submit a story what’s the worst that can happen? They don’t use it? But the best case scenario is that they use it and you become an authority on the topic. For example: 9 years ago the local TV station was doing their version of a Martha Stewart style Halloween segment. They called me and asked me to film the segment and design 10 faces,  we rehearsed the script, I made list of products to mention and tips to share and when it was all said and done the whole segment was 3 minutes long and barely showed a design or anything about me! Naturally I was saddened because I wanted my chance to show off my company. But even though I didn’t get my 15 minutes of fame, they called me back to do 5 more segments over the years and they all hire me for their kids parties because they have seen my work. You can’t be afraid to ask for help or to give help. You never know how bad someone might be looking for the information you are wanting to share, but you will never know unless you ask or at the very least initiate contact.

  • Target your message: If you are looking to increase BODY painting Halloween bookings then look to be featured in magazines that are popular in that segment. Like the New Times, or adult lifestyle blogs. Then your message will be reaching the ears and minds intended. One year I wrote a blog  about a fun rainy day activity for kids- face painting themselves.  Then I submitted it to a popular mommy blog. From that one post I received more orders and calls for small 6 color palettes than ever before. So, don’t waste your time writing an article for parenting magazine about nudist camp painting or not kid friendly information. Target your content to make sure you receive maximum exposure.
  • Try to avoid: Being the devils advocate for articles. You want to position yourself as the  fun, excited, enthusiastically happy person ready to share a wealth of info not the “let me comment on everything that bothers me” type of person. Some reporters will call you just for a quote to negate their statement. Try to avoid those types of interviews all together. If you are asked to comment on the dangers of acrylic paint switch the focus of the story on something positive. No one wants to read you ranting. So keep it positive, light, avoid bashing any products or people and always mention the pros vs. the cons.

    My favorite sister duo Tiffany and Crystal Rodriguez showcasing their talents on tv
    My favorite sister duo Tiffany and Crystal Rodriguez showcasing their talents on tv

With our season right around the corner, start thinking about building your media presence. It’s a good resume builder and impresses potential clients when they feel like you were special enough to be featured in print. Play up your story, name in the papers, and possibly 2 second spot on tv. Every time your name is out there, your face is out there, and people that have never heard of you can possibly see your name and work, you are in a position to snag a new client. The truth is you never know what door will open from media exposure. I can’t wait to see your name in lights!

My friend Melissa is always being featured in Magazines and no wonder she is always booked!
My friend Melissa is always being featured in Magazines and no wonder she is always booked!

Happy Painting

<3 Heather <3

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