A Creative & Educational Family Vacation

by Marcela Murad, Co- Founder of the FABAIC

I love kids that are homeschooled because they get exposed to more creative things than their peers who attend regular schools.  I believe that by making learning fun, children learn more and retain more information. Field trips are some of the most memorable and educational experiences of childhood. I still remember when I was a little girl, my aunt took me on a tour of a large wooden toy factory to watch how the toys were made. I was fascinated with the process of mass manufacturing, especially since at that time, most were made by actual people versus machines. My love for toys never left me. Fifty plus years later and they still bring me joy, and are a big part of what I do as a performer.


At FABAIC we work really hard at creating an educational experience your children and young adults will remember for the rest of their lives. Whether they continue in your foot steps or go on to become doctors and lawyers, our goal is to plant in them the seeds of success.


By offering a variety of classes,  such as face and body art techniques, henna, glitter tattoos, balloon twisting and goal setting, our hope is to mentor these young artists and transform them into young entrepreneurs. Many of our past students have grown to become a great asset to their parents business, while other discovered that they could pay their way to college with a brush in their hands.


We have been fortunate to have Paola Shenk and Kelly Virgona as directors of the children track, and Ellen Dawson in charge of the young adults. These ladies are passionate about kids and give more than we ever expect to ensure that the programs are flawless and run smoothly. Many of our great instructors, the likes of Mark Reid, Seam Avram, Jinny and many more volunteer to share their talents with them throughout the convention in workshops and creative games. In other words, you can rest assure that your children are in good hands with people with hearts of gold.

Margi Kanter sharing her funny face techniques with the youth group!

The young artists registration includes all the perks of an adult registration, and is a gift of art that lasts a life time. Payment plans for registration are still available, and if you sign up by August 15th, you will be entered in a raffle to win a free craft-n-go! If you have any questions about the young adult track please email me at marcela@fabaic.com- I look forward to meeting you and your young ones in 2017!



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