2023 Halloween Grabs

Halloween is right around the corner and what does that mean for us face and body painters? The madness is about to begin. The fall festival and Halloween season can be extremely stressful for our industry but being prepared and not waiting until the last minute to gather your face painting and special fx supplies is going to be the #1 way to ease the stress of the busiest season of the year. Here are the top must haves for the 2023 Halloween season:

Starblend Powders

Starblend powders help apply a base quickly and wont make a runny mess when you or your clients sweat. The black is great for shading in a hurry and helps to give contour to all your designs. You can also use the powder on your stencils for quick stencil work with no drying time to help keep the lines moving.

Purchase Starblend Powders Here


Silly Farm Fun Kits

These kits include Rainbow Cakes with stencils, or all the colors you need to create a character like the Wednesday from the Addams Family The Pink Power Halloween stencil set will help get through those long fall festival designs quickly and covers all the spooky designs like pumpkins, zombies, witches, and bats. Add in a Rainbow cake like the Glamoween and you will give that oomph to your design with little to no effort.

Check out the Kits Here

kitkit 2


There are tons of different options for fake blood and each are important for your scary Halloween makeup designs. The Fear Farm Blood Kit covers all your blood needs at a great price. You have eye blood, stage blood, and thick coagulated blood for those realistic cuts.

Everything Bloody Here!

The blood splatter pump is also an amazing and quick way to get the perfect blood splatter effect with the simple pump of your finger.



Fab Plum

An amazing color for fall is the Fab Plum. It’s extremely versatile. It’s perfect for autumn leaves, outlining, fall fairy designs, would, and blood. I love using the Fab plum for blood because it creates a deep red blood look especially for deep wounds and scratches.


Purchase Fab Plum

Fab Skull White

Skulls are a huge demand year round. What is right after Halloween? Día de Muertos aka Day of the Dead where you are painting skulls non-stop. The Fab Skull White is the perfect off white for a bone color. It allows for you to add a Diamond Fx White on top to highlights and teeth that pop bright in your design.


skull white

Stipple Sponge

It’s amazing what a stipple sponge can do! Beards, blood, scratches, road rash. It all can be don’t with a stipple sponge that gives a multi-dimensions look that you can build up for 3-D effects.

Stipple Sponges Available Here


Prosaide is your all you need essential body skin safe adhesive and glue. It will cover you from sticking on gems, glitter tattoos, prosthetics, bald caps, and even eyelashes. Proaide will give you a sweat proof hold and has endless possibilities in holding anything onto the skin.



Glam up your ghouls and goblins with glitter. My favorite new product is the World’s Best Glitter Crème. This glitter crème can go directly over face paint without smearing your design. It’s a cosmetic glitter you can use on the eyelids and has chunky glitter with a mix of colors and rainbow styles.


The Pixie Paint is also an adorable option to put glitter in around your eyes or on the body, or even adding glitter to your hair.

pixie paint


Halloween can be unpredictable and you may have requests for everything from a mermaid princess to a rotting flesh zombie and you have to be ready for anything! We have it all at Silly Farm with our expert painters standing by to help you make the most out of this Halloween season.

Happy Spooking!

Ashley Arrow

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